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intuneautos can source car parts direct from Japan, regardless of your product requirements and needs. If a product is not listing please contact us with your query and we will try to help!

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Aftermarket performance car parts have been difficult to source in the past and at times unscrupulous local resellers gouged pricing heavily. No more! Buy direct from Japan at intuneautos. Easily and secuerly source Honda parts, Nissan and Subraru parts as well as autoparts for most popular makes and models.

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intuneautos ships worldwide and offers competitive postage rates direct from Japan. Cut out the middle man and save. See intuneautos freight price guidelines for more information on car part shipments. Your JDM parts are shipped direct from Japan using Japan Post or UPS.

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Brembo JDM Brakes at intuneautos

For enthusiasts who use their vehicles for both normal road and more performance-oriented driving, the Brembo HPK range offers the best suited components to improve the performance of their cars on both the road and track. jdm Brembo parts lexus Brembo offers a comprehensive range of products created exclusively for racing and engineered to deliver maximum performance in the most extreme conditions in every category of motorsport: from single seat formula racers, endurance and GT racing to NASCAR Touring Cars, Rally and many other classes.

Shop GReddy at intuneautos

With a product lineup of over 40 turbos and superchargers, GReddy TRUST T-Series offer a wide range of solutions to suit every car lovers budget and requirements.GReddy car parts shop online for JDMFrom entry level affordable models offering excellent price to performance to the best selling TD06SH 20G turbo for the Nissan GTR R35, GReddy offers a turbo suitable for every performance car enthusiast.

CUSCO JDM Parts and accessories

CUSCO manufacture a wide range of performance parts for the Japanese parts market. Founded in 1977 they have a long history of quality car products. CUSCO JDM Suspension at intuneautos CUSCO suspension, coilovers and LSDs are popular product lines but thanks for aggressive R&D many other JDM parts are covered. intuneautos frequently recommend CUSCO clutch kits and clutch parts for Subaru WRX GC8 or Impreza GDA due to superior reliabiltiy and strength.

RAYS JDM Wheels at intuneautos

Founded in 1978 RAYS Wheels are based in Osaka, Japan and offer a large range of forged one and two piece wheels and accessories.Shop Online nissan jdm partsRanging from the popular Volk Wheels, RAYs wheels are available in all sizes from 15 inch wheels all the way to 20 inch and beyond. Rays wheels are popular among Nissan 350z and 37z owners due to their excellent styling.

NGK Sparkplugs for your JDM car

Founded over 70 years ago NGK is considered by many the market leader for aftermarket spark plugs, glow plugs and spark leads. Buy online jdm subaru parts NGK focuses on Motorsport product groups aiming to provide superior performance, reliability and lifespan across their full product range. NGK invest heavily in research and design in order to advance spark plug and other product performance by utilizing extensive experience and technical capabilities in the relevant fields.

HKS Performance JDM Parts

HKS concentrate on high performance value-added products that focus on the three pillars of service, quality and performance. jdm parts for sale at intuneautos Trust HKS to design a reliable suspension around the single cylinder principal. HKA suspension enhances your ride, regardless of your style. Sports, street and luxury cars will benefit from HKS suspension. Expect perfect traction for a smooth ride in varied road conditions; this is what we have come to know and love from HKS.

unreal tournament 4 press release from epic

Work on the future of Unreal Tournament begins today, and we’re happy to announce that we’re going to do this together, with you. We know that fans of the game are as passionate about Unreal Tournament as we are. We know that you have great ideas and strong opinions about where the game should go […]

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Popular iPhone game, Flappy Bird, removed from App store by developer

Some of you may have played Flappy Bird on your iPhone or Android smartphone.  If you have never heard Flappy Bird, this is the popular game for smartphones.  It was released by the developer, Dong Nguyen, and had been number one downloaded free app on App store.  The developer mentioned he would remove Flappy Bird […]

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Honda to sell Google Android OS cars

Google has formed Open Automotive Alliance (OAA) with Honda, GM, Audi, Hyundai and Nvidia (chipmaker).  OAA’s vision is to bring Android OS smartphones and apps to their operating system and car dashboards.   As Google Android OS and smartphone are the most popular OS and device in the world, car manufacturers easily apply Google’s service […]

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Nissan to bring BladeGlider to dealerships?

You may have seen a lot of concept car models at motor shows, but probably you have never seen this concept model, BladeGlider” of Nissan. “Reinventing the performance car” told Nissan.  Would you like to try this model if Nissan decides to release it to mass markets?  You can see more photos and details here.

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The best and craziest cars of the Tokyo Auto Salon

Tokyo Auto Salon 2014 is being held in Tokyo, Japan.  Tokyo Auto Salon is the biggest exhibition of JDM tuning cars and aftermarket cars.  We would like to introduce some of the crazy cars in Tokyo Auto Salon here. Enjoy!!

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