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SARD tuning for performance and street cars

A brief overview of SARDs approach to various tuning methods. With over 30 years of experience behind them, SARD are well positioned in the market with a wide range of JDM options.

RAYS molding is wheel defining – Made in Japan is key

RAYS design mold die forging method does not disrupt fiber flows – the source of a wheels‘ lightness and strength. Manufacturing methods for forged wheels can be divided into two maior categories: machining forging, which designs wheels by cutting, and design mold die forging, which RAYS uses. The strength of the machining forging approach is […]

RAYS Volk Wheels – A history of excellence in Japan

Volks wheels from RAYS are one of the most popular wheel style on the market. Volk means people or the people in German, did RAYS take inspiration from the German language when naming this line as the wheels are affordable and high quality?

Genuine RAYS Wheels – Skip the Chinese knock offs

intuneautos only sells and recommends genuine wheels. In recent years this has been a growing problem from Chinese manufacturers copying the style but not the quality. Stay safe with genuine RAYS wheels from intuneautos.

Advanced TAF Forging with RAYS Wheels

Learn more about the benefits of RAYS in-house TAF technologoy, making your favorite wheels from RAYS such as Volks and Versus better and more unique. Also a hint at the future of wheel finishing, going back to manual hand applied effects?

Rays Wheels – An introduction to RAYs

RAYs product wheel shapes setting market trends rather than following them. By staying ahead of the curve RAYs have entrenched themselves as one of the leading wheel manufacturer in Japan.

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