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A Brief Overview Of The Composition and Make Up Of Vehicle Brake Discs

Brake discs are made of two key materials: carbon and cast iron. Now, carbon is extremely beneficial because it’s lightweight and is extremely thermal resistance. However, carbon is extremely expensive, which is why it’s mainly used by racing teams with a very high budget. Although carbon is good, cast iron is generally used more often […]

How Do After Market JDM Brake Rotors Compare to OEM?

Most people don’t think about their brake rotors each day but they are an important if not vital part of your vehicle. Without good brake rotors you can’t stop your vehicle properly. Auto makers choose brake pads based upon a few different factors such as noise, wear, dust, and the performance of the rotors. Your […]

New brake pads and rotors installed on my car, why do the brakes still squeal?

Have you recently had new brake pads and rotors installed, but are experiencing a squeal still while breaking? This is common problem which can be highly frustrating. But what is causing the brakes to squeal and how long does this noise last for after a replacement? Today we will explore this issue in greater detail. […]

SARD Racing History – A history of racing in Japan

Founded in 1972, SARD started racing in the Fuji GC series and in 1973 SARD entered the Le Man 24 hours with the Sigma MC73. Since the "70s SARD continues to be involved with racing at all levels. 1985 heralded the foundation of SARD – Sigma Advanced Racing Devlopment. SARD is involved in the All […]

SARD Radiators – JDM radiators for your Japanese Rides

In the racing world, there are not many absolutes. However, most of the racers do agree on some things. They do believe that too much weight is bad. Weight on the front end is one of the worse things that could happen and having the race car overheated can really pose some serious problems. SARDS […]

CUSCO Suspension – An overview of all models and types

For the past years, CUCO has been one of the leading providers of the best suspension brakes in the market. With the experience, skills and dedication of the management of the company, they are the one the beat in terms of the best suspension kits available for vehicle owners. The fact that the company is […]

Just CUSCO – Japanese car parts for your JDM ride

CUSCO is considered as one of the premier JDM manufacturers that provides high quality automotive parts and accessories. The company has been in the industry for over 30 years. Initially CUSCO only offered a limited line up of car parts, but over the years has expanded into many different areas, for instance suspension as well […]

Two Kinds Of Pad Wear Sensors Warn Drivers Of When To Change Brake Pads JDM

Pad wear sensors (or pad wear indicators) will alert people when their pads need to be replaced. There are two kinds of these pad wear sensors: 1 – Electric – A warning light on the vehicle’s instrument panel will turn on when the built-in electric wire on the pad is disconnected. This is the indicator […]

JDM Brake Discs Undergo strict Heat Treatment Process To Eliminate Residual Stress

Residual stress is the structural weakness that happens in iron’s casting process. Iron is the primary material used in brake discs. When used normally on roadways, the residual stress causes no issues with the discs. However, if they’re used at race circuits at high temperatures for an extended period of time, the residual stress in […]

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