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Js Racing – JDM parts online

If you love Honda cars, J’s Racing must be familiar with you. J’s Racing parts are produced by one of the most popular automotive part manufacturers specializing for JDM Honda vehicles. J’s Racing was founded in Osaka, Japan, in 1989. As a specialist of JDM Honda cars, Js have been dedicated to tuning and developing […]

Tesla acquire an apple engineer

Tesla are in the news once again, this for time acquiring of Apples top players from the tech company’s hardware team – Doug Field. Doug was in charge of hardware engineering, overseeing the latest development of the hardware for the Macbook Air. He is upgrading (sidegrading?) to joint-lead R&D at Tesla for new vehicles and […]

Honda S660 Concept, JDM Sport Car, World Premiere at Tokyo Motor Show 2013

Tokyo Motor Show 2013 will be taking place on 22 November to 1 December in Tokyo, Japan. This week Honda announced their plan of exhibition at the show.  They said they would display a concept car of all new NSX which is high-class sport car.  The biggest surprise is S660 which is a concept car […]

Super Ti exhausts – Fujitsubo Titanium

Fujitsubo Titanium exhausts -Get greater performance on your JDM cars! Choosing Fujitsubo exhaust systems is the great way to upgrade your JDM car model. Fujitsubo have over 80 years experience in the Japanese high performance parts aftermarket. Fujitsubo titanium exhaust systems have been chosen by a number of racing and many street drivers. Titanium exhausts […]

Fujitsubo JDM Car Parts – Direct from Japan

Fujitsubo Car Parts – A breif History Fujitsubo is known for its high quality sport exhaust systems which include exhaust manifold, catalyzer, front pipe, sub-silencer and main-silencer. They have quite long history in the high performance parts aftermarket. Fujitsubo was born in 1931 in Fukuoka prefecture, Japan. Initially they did not manufacture car mufflers at […]

Will “iOS in the Car” improve JDM car experiences?

Smartphones have changed our way of life since its release.  There is no doubt It has also changed our car experiences.  iPhone, the leading smartphone in the industry, unveiled the new feature called “iOS in the Car” at the WWDC2013.  Apple said “iOS in the Car seamlessly integrates your iOS device — and the iOS […]

Japan inspired tabletop car racing from anki

Watch the videos, there is not much else to say here. It looks crazy and there are no details as to how the “game” plays, beyond it using your iPhone. The cars look awesome (for matchbox sized vehicles) and were designed by Harald Belker, the mind behind some of the most famous cars out of […]

Titanfall – Japanese inspired mech gameplay from Respawn entertainment

It has been a long time coming – a new FPS with throwbacks to old titles like Quake, Unreal Tournament and Tribes. The developers have tipped their hats to these franchises when discussing the 2014 release of Titanfall, stating that they have been influenced by the speed and smootheness of movement in old FPS. One […]

Blitz Intercoolers online

Blitz intercoolers. Best way to lower the temperature of your JDM cars Keeping the temperature of an engine and other components low is the key for better performance at racing. Even if you don’t drive in a circuit, installing a better intercooler makes other components last longer So, why intercoolers matter in the fast place? […]

Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix 2013

Last weekend (11, 12 and 13 Oct) was the special weekend for a numbers of Japanese people. Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix was held in Suzuka Circuit, Japan. More than 170,000 enthusiastic fans came to see the race. Sebastian Vettel won the race and it was the fifth 2013 victory in a row. Compared with […]

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