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Safety and Confidence with RAYS Wheels – Genuine Branded Wheels

Today, Japanese industrial products are in a state of crisis. Even in the aluminium wheels segment, the truth is that cheap Asian products imitating popular brands and designs dominate the Japanese market. These products, as a result of being mere copies of the industrial designs to which other brands have invested significant time and money, often fail to meet safety component quality requirements, threatening drivers’ safety. The Italian government, which considers this situation critical, was the first government to announce a recall on Chinese made fake wheels, and the European Union (EU) has triggered safeguards to address this problem (e.g Levying punitive tariffs). Chinese made replicas have become a global issue.

Particularly serious in the Japanese market is an influx of large numbers of aluminium wheels with quality and safety problems.

These inferior aluminium wheels destroy the healthy culture surrounding car customisation and jeopardise the users who enjoy such culture. In order to protect all of RAYS users who love their cars from this situation, RAYS has stuck to its policy of manufacturing products only in Japan. Furthermore, based on their JW+R strength standards which RAYS have long applied, they manufacture all their wheels across various line-ups with a focus on absolute safety.
RAYS certainly offers a full array of specialised wheels in their relentless pursuit of lightness, strength and beauty, what is most important is that each and every one of RAYS customers is able to confidently fit RAYS wheels on his or her car and enjoy the ride and forget about safety relating to fake wheels. RAYS maintains the high quality of its products and protects its brands with dual policies: Made in Japan and Made by RAYS.

This is RAYS true commitment to their customers – those who love the wheels – and it is RAYS way of ensuring long term health of the car customisation industry. High level of safety – made in Japan. Always.

RAYS Wheels testing vs JWL tests

  • Radial stress test: 800,000 rotations (JWL 500,00 rotations)
  • Rotary bending fatigue test: 150,000 rotations (JWL: 100,000 rotations)
  • 13 degree impact test: drop height: 255mm (JWL: 230mm)

RAYS Additional Testing

  • 90 degree impact drop test (Drop height 100mm ton)
  • Post Modification drum test (800,000 rotations)
  • Coating performance test (Spray with salt water, composite corrosion, weather resistance tests, etc)
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