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Rays Volks Wheels are one of Rays most popular rim lines. Forged for superior responsiveness, Volks are available in a range of colours that allow perfect control of the styling of your ride. Popular amongst the hellaflush crowd for looks and performance. TE37, CE28N and GT-C are the most popular models.

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RAYS molding is wheel defining – Made in Japan is key


RAYS design mold die forging method does not disrupt fiber flows – the source of a wheels‘ lightness and strength.

Manufacturing methods for forged wheels can be divided into two maior categories: machining forging, which designs wheels by cutting, and design mold die forging, which RAYS uses. The strength of the machining forging approach is that it allows manufacturers to keep costs relatively low because they can reuse the same die for several different wheels. As illustrated above, however, the fiber flows, which are formed with much effort, are disrupted because the forged disks are shaved off. By contrast, RAYS‘ proprietary design mold die forging method tums a lump of aluminum into the desired shape without any cutting by forging it while applying pressure to mold it using dies. The greatest benefit of this method is that it enables us to form consistent fiber flows to even the farthest comers of the wheel and also eliminates any need for additional cutting, preventing disruption to the fiber flows. Strongly aligned fiber flows make wheels extremely strong and enable us to further reduce weight. While machining forging is poor for three-dimensional designs, design dies allow SD designs involving extreme curves. Another major advantage of our method! Of course, development of such design dies takes a significant amount of time, and it is also necessary to prepare a number of expensive dies for the forging process. Still, RAYS accept no compromises in our pursuit of producing genuine forged wheels.

RAYS is about integrating the latest theories at the fastest pace possibly.

In the world of motor racing, including F1, speed is everything. No stone may be left unturned in the quest for speed, and maximum effort must be made even for a tiny gain. Still, in this world, if you attempt to achieve your goals by running huge simulations, you’ll be left behind before you realize it. The world of racing requires the skills of designers who know how to make effective use of the knowledge they have accumulated. as well as high-level analytical technology, which allows such designers to instantly analyze performance. Use of various structural analysis methods (such as strength analysis and rigidity analysis) and proprietary data analysis technologies can even allow designers to identify the shape and number of dies required in advance. What makes RAYS forged wheels unique is that their developers-with their analytical equipment know-how-go back and forth between the realms of racing wheels and road wheels, which allows them to constantly improve our forged wheels, including our VOLK RACING series. RAYS are proud of their VOLK RACING wheels—the world’s fastest and most powerful—because they incorporate the latest theories developed by RAYS’ own research organization, RAYS R&D.

Volk Wheel Nipple Details

Theories and Specifications. Excellent hardware is indispensable to apply the latest theories and achieve design E mold die forging, which RAYS considers the best forging method. For die forging, which applies pressure to and molds aluminum billets against design dies, the forging presses are in the 10,000-ton class, enabling the formation of uninterrupted, dense fiber flows in line with the shape of the wheels. In addition, RAYS’ development of RM8000, an open die forging method for manufacturing wheels more efficiently, allows us to conduct finish forging and rim spinning in an integrated manner. It further allows for the manufacturing of strong, large, and well-designed forged wheels because it scales to meet the needs of wheels with large diameters. Excellent hardware is needed to develop superior software, and software can only be upgraded if reliable hardware is available. In other words, only by having software and hardware work closely together it is possible to produce VOLK RACING wheels.

RAYS latest analytical technology leads the industry

In the process of developing racing and road wheels. RAYS has been accumulating, integrating and analyzing various data for a long time. Data obtained during this process is rejected in their latest strength and 3D rigidity analyses, accelerates the development of new wheels and enables RAYS to quickly update existing products. Extensive data sets also allow RAYS to analyze where on the wheels stress concentrates while driving and identify the extent of changes to spokes and rims in advance, making it possible to design stronger, more rigid wheels. These analyses ensure the strength of their wheels and are the source of their safety and security. Further, the higher rigidity resulting from these analyses improves driving stability and facilitates excellent handling, making you feel as if you have switched to a car a class above. in short. Excellent analytical technology is the foundation of all of RAYS‘ technology.

Japan’s largest forging machine, capable of applying a pressure of 10,000 tons. RAYS has introduced a 10,000-ton forging machine, the most powerful in Japan, to form ideal fiber flows in line with wheel designs. In addition, the company is now able to produce wheels with diameters as large as the times demand; are currently RAYS are forging wheels with diameters as large as 22 inches. RAYS‘ wide variety of original forging methods for improving performance and productivity. When RAYS designs wheels with our proprietary analytical technology, they incorporate our unique technology throughout the manufacturing process. In particular, RM8000 technology allows us to form beautiful fiber flows by opening some of the dies for the finishing process.

For RAYS wheels, everything from market research to design to manufacturing is done in Japan. There are several reasons for this, but most of all they believe that RAYS should be able to deliver wheels with absolute confidence. To do so, RAYS must have skilled personnel manufacture wheels with perfect quality control. RAYS also consider having an all-Japanese manufacturing base an important factor in allowing us to improve our wheels. Their desire to deliver high-quality products is expressed in RAYS proprietary JWL+R strength standards. By adopting these +R standards— higher than those generally required for wheel strength—RAYS wheels can boast of their lightness, strength, and compliance with absolute safety standards. They have further established even higher strength standards, +R Spec 2, for forged models typified by the VOLK RACING series to assure an unsurpassed level of safety. RAYS can perform high-level finish work suitable for our high-performance wheels and are able to respond quickly to market needs as a result of manufacturing their products in Japan. RAYS devotion to research on forged wheels over the years allows RAYS to offer a wide variety of wheel sizes with appropriate prices, and the ability to perform all processes from design to manufacturing in-house provides a fertile environment for taking on the challenge of developing new categories of wheels. In other words, keeping manufacturing in Japan not only enables RAYS to maintain product quality, but it is one of the sources of the uniqueness of our wheels.

Made Only in Japan – RAYS

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