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Rays Volks Wheels are one of Rays most popular rim lines. Forged for superior responsiveness, Volks are available in a range of colours that allow perfect control of the styling of your ride. Popular amongst the hellaflush crowd for looks and performance. TE37, CE28N and GT-C are the most popular models.

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RAYS Volk Wheels – A history of excellence in Japan


The history of forged wheels is the history of VOLK RACING wheels. The VOLK RACING TE37 wheel, launched in 1996, introduced forged alloy wheels originally used in auto racing into the world of road wheels, causing a huge splash and revolutionizing the contemporary motor sports community. The wheels’ real power was demonstrated across the racing spectrum, including the GT championships, and today its range of application has expanded to include the FlA Formula One (F1) World Championship, the pinnacle of the world of motor sports. Here in this most advanced field of auto racing, RAYS wheels are fighting alongside the Williams F1 team.

Volk Wheel rear Details

Racing machines are not the only category of vehicles requiring excellent wheel performance. Road sports models, which fiercely compete with one another, are also one of VOLK RACING wheels‘ important partners in need of RAYS DNA. RAYS forged wheels, into which buckets of VOLK RAClNG’s DNA have been injected are fitted to the Nissan GT-R’s chassis. Porsche, Nissan’s rival, also uses RAYS forged wheels as a genuine part for its racing model 911 GTSR. Like racing wheels, which compete in increments of tenths of seconds, high-performance forged wheels have become indispensable to globally competitive road sports models. Even as this is written, VOLK RACING wheels are reaching even higher development heights. Through feedback received from their use in F1 races, RAYS are further upgrading our specs to allow users to experience firsthand their incredible performance as functional parts. The key word is rigidity. Immediately after you fire up the engine of a car outfitted with the latest VOLK RACING wheels, you will be amazed at the difference in driving performance, improved handling and stability. If the only distinctive qualities of forged wheels were lightness and strength, VOLK RACING wheels would already have peaked many years ago. But RAYS continues to aim to further improve handling and stability by increasing wheel rigidity, thus offering even more driver-friendly wheels that facilitate easy driving.

Volk Wheels: The Latest and Most advanced RAYS Forged Alloy Wheels

The true value of RAYS is in their stance of always moving forward and constantly updating wheel technology. RAYS continues to offer progressively better wheels by applying technology acquired during the development of road wheels to F1 cars and then taking the feedback from F1 races and using it to improve RAYS road wheels. In other words, the latest VOLK RACING models are the world’s most advanced forged aluminium wheels, embodying the best cutting-edge architecture and technology. The G12, the latest VOLK RACING model, is no exception. In addition to being designed for light weight and high rigidity, using all of their know-how RAYS have accumulated thus far, the latest model incorporates RAYS newest architecture in order to achieve the high level of performance demanded by today’s F1 drivers.

The most important characteristic of the G12 is the longitudinal section of its spokes, which grow in mass in comparison to that of its predecessor. Advancements in die technology makes it possible to control the shape of spoke sections, allowing RAYS to raise the rigidity level of the G12 dramatically while maintaining the light weight of previous models in the series. Further, the G12 have incorporated the latest analytical technology throughout. Examples include elaborate wall thinning to reduce spoke weight, as making them thicker also makes them heavier, as well as the design of bridges to prevent wall thinning from reducing wheel rigidity. ln addition, the three-dimensional face of the G12, which curves gently toward the center, is far from the stereotype of forged wheels as lifeless, and the beauty of the design adds to the splendor of the tires. RAYS is able to make wheels with such high-quality designs because they have significant experience developing cast wheels in parallel with forged models. The key words light, strong, and beautiful represent the concept of RAYS Wheels, which also underlies the VOLK RACING wheels. The spirit of inquiry which allows RAYS to move forward without being shackled to conventional wisdom is the driving force behind their forged wheels.

A wheel’s rigidity level is the height of the longitudinal section of its spokes

In F1 and other races, highly rigid and extremely lightweight wheels are essential. Fully rigid wheels transmit all engine power to the tires in addition to improving handling and stability, greatly helping drivers improve their lap times. That’s why RAYS pays special attention to the longitudinal section of the spokes to improve wheel rigidity. Since the G12 wheel uses thin spokes like a racing wheel, the spokes maintain a substantial longitudinal section (i.e. thickness) though the area of projection is small. This is the secret of high rigidity. Thin yet substantial spokes shaped through die forging are a privilege only the owners of RAYS wheels are allowed to enjoy.

Side machining and power bridges

RAYS successfully achieved an unprecedented level of rigidity with the G12 by increasing the height of the longitudinal section of its spokes. However doing so increases their weight. so we adopt side machining technology, allowing us to successfully realize both high rigidity and light weight through precision cutting. Moreover, the design of the G12 makes maximum use of the latest analytical technology. For example, RAYS are able to prevent machining from reducing the rigidity of the spokes by designing the portion of the spokes that receives the greatest stress in the shape of a bridge. In addition side machining is performed after painting, making the G12 attractive tor its novel finish, having both painted and cut planes.

Even wheels designed to use the latest analytical technology are nothing if their manufacturer lacks the technology to give shape to such designs. The capability to tum advanced theory into actual wheels is critical. In VOLK RACING wheels, for more than ten years-since developing the TE37—RAYS have concentrated on forming fiber flows, the most important element of forged wheels, by using a proprietary design mold die forging method. Success in producing forged wheels depends on the skill of the manufacturer in arranging the wheels‘ molecules and how closely it can make them adhere to each another. For this reason, RAYS avoids using machining forging, which disrupts by cutting the fiber flows which are formed with great effort. Instead, we use design dies, which spread billets along the design surface. Since this design mold die forging method requires not only expensive dedicated dies but also extremely sophisticated die technology, RAYS method is generally said to be difficult to implement. However, RAYS still chooses to use this method because it allows the realization of far greater benefits than the challenges it presents. Its greatest appeal is its ability to form uniform fiber flows even to the farthest comers of the wheel. More than anything else, uninterrupted fiber flows strengthen wheels, and strengthening wheels in turn makes them lighter. In addition, unlike in machining forging, in which wheels are cut out one by one, our method uses dies to quickly produce forged wheels. Consequently, we are able to reduce manufacturing costs and deliver better prices, another important benefit. While it is true that forged wheels provide high performance at a premium, they are not beyond the reach of general consumers, and RAYS hopes that you consider enjoying the world’ s best high-performance forged wheels at a reasonable price. To that end, we will continue to pay special attention to our die forging and further enhance our technology for manufacturing forged wheels.

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