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Rays Volks Wheels are one of Rays most popular rim lines. Forged for superior responsiveness, Volks are available in a range of colours that allow perfect control of the styling of your ride. Popular amongst the hellaflush crowd for looks and performance. TE37, CE28N and GT-C are the most popular models.

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Rays Wheels – An introduction to RAYs


RAYS is the only company is Japan that offers both cast and forged wheels, producing all types of wheels from single- to multi-piece types in-house. RAYS is also the only company in Japan that manufactures all of its wheels from racing to road types under a fully integrated system. RAYS realises great synergy effects by applying know-how gained from one category of wheels to another. RAYS believes that by complementing each other’s weaknesses their wheels will evolve for better. RAYS achieved an unprecedented level of lightness and high strength for its wheels by pouring all their know-how gained from the world’s top auto races such as F1 and the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) into Gram Lights and other cast sports wheels. RAYs have also successfully achieved high rigidity, a major trend in auto racing. Similar technology and know how is used in RAYS trend setting, fashionable brands that emphasise design quality such as Versus and Black Fleet – giving an amazing look and polish to these lines of wheels while offering superior lightness and strength. These two properties are core to aluminium wheels. In short, Rcast is proof that the well-designed cast RAYS wheels are light, strong as and most importantly safe. Rcast further symbolises the safety of RAYS wheels, all of which are made in Japan and delivered with absolute confidence.

A wheel’s rigidity level is the height of the longitudinal section of its spokes.

F1 and other motor races require wheels to be improved quickly. There is not sufficient time for repeated trial and error so various analytical technologies are indispensable to push these improvements. By incorporating the latest analytical technology into Rcast wheels RAYS are able to manufacture strong, light and safe cast wheels.

RAYS makes exciting wheels shapes available

RAYS’s approach to design precisely meets user’s needs by running ahead of the curve.

As new cars continue to evolve year after year, the wheel designs demanded by the times continue to change. To offer contemporary designs, RAYS must precisely match technology to the taste of their users. Therefore RAYS assigns dedicated personnel for each of its brands to analyse market trends from the users point of view and develop wheel shapes according to demand now and into the future. At RAYS, wheel design means balancing external beauty against lightness and strength. The ability to discover uncompromised wheel shapes and manufacturing methods to ensure lightness and strength as well as to implement ingenious design schemes for various parts of the wheel is invaluable.

Examples of such schemes include the pursuit of a long chassis to fit large diameter wheels as demanded by the times and the development of spoke shapes for which we can control even the amount of shadow.

RAYS wheel designers are professionals who understand clearly all relevant manufacturing processes and who are able to control the design of wheel shapes based on such understanding. Paying attention even to the back of the wheel rather than only what is visible is the RAYS style of design.

For example the back of a Versus Stratagia Vogue wheel is so elaborately designed that casual observers may mistake if for the front. By varying the design method, Versus Stratagia wheels are both light weight and high strength, qualities that are generally difficult to achieve in cast wheels. For example, when designers thincken the portion of the wheel that requires strength they scrape away all unnecessary material. They further actively use the backs of the wheels to broaden their range of artistic expression, adopting techniques such as application of ingeniously designed dies to form slits on the backs – a shape impossible with conventional techniques.

In developing new wheels, a wide range of factors such as pricing, size, manufacturing method and finish must be considered, not to mention that the shape must fit the latest market trends. Because all RAYS wheels production occurs in Japan, RAYS is able to see the big picture and realise all factors comprehensively. The true value of RAYS is in our constantly advancing technology and our stance of paying attention to even the invisible portions of the wheel to improve the quality of our products Emphasising wheel shapes that users can purchase with a sense of security rather than only chasing what is currently in vogue is a guiding principal that underlies all RAYS cast wheels.

Vogue wheel designs give a futuristic impression while making the wheels appear larger. The thin, long slits between spokes are the key element of these designs. Our designers reviewed dies used for the back of wheels and arrived at this shape using their unique approach.They then proceeded to cut out the portion joining the spokes and the rime. As you can see the implemented solution makes this section of the wheel appear much longer compared to the mm it really is.

RAYs product wheel shapes setting market trends rather than following them.

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