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Buy online for the best forged wheels at InTuneAutos! We offer you one of the best wheel brands with RAYS Wheels, and we have a wide selection so you can buy RAY wheels to give your car superior performance and a very pleasurable driving experience. In the racing circuit or on normal roads, you get the best for your car when you buy RAYS Wheels, forged to be #1!

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Ever since its debut in the F1 racing scene, RAYS forged wheels have been developed with the aim of balance between lightness and rigidity. The results speak for itself, and when you buy RAY Wheels online at InTuneAutos, you can be assured it was forged in the highest Japanese standards, backed by research and development of combining the best of the racing circuit and the ordinary roads, to give you wheels that you can depend on with your life.

RAYS Wheels AfterMarket to Indonesia

InTuneAutos delivers to Indonesia. Buy RAYS Wheels online and we will deliver your RAYS Wheels to Jakarta, Surabaya, or Bandung. Our RAYS Wheels come direct from certified RAYS manufacturers, so you buy genuine car wheels, parts and accessories offered at the most competitive prices.

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Advanced TAF Forging with RAYS Wheels


Texture Arrangement Fining paves the way for higher performance with RAYS wheels

Today the mainstream technology for producing high performance cast wheels is inner rim spinning (rolling) , called flow forming. By applying know how gained from forging and the RAYS cast flow forming (RCF) method before any other manufacturer, RAYS has produced may sports cast wheels which have overturned conventional cast wheel concepts and ideas.
Flow forming alone is not sufficient for manufacturers to advertise their wheels as truly light and strong, however because the range of reinforcement is limited to the inner rim; the disk surface remains the same unless further improvements are made. TAF is a new technique for producing light, strong and beautiful cast wheels which takes a completely different approach from the conventional cast wheel production.

The key word is miniaturisation. Molten aluminium alloy is poured into a die and as the block solidifies and hardens structural crystallisation occurs. Usually the alloy is allowed to cool naturally but molten alloys form finer crystal structure that join more solidly if cooled quickly. Because of this RAYS invented its unique TAF method, which allows rapid cooling of aluminium alloys using pipes feeding chilled water through the wheel die. This allows for finer crystals offering greater strength and rigidity than slower air cooled solutions. In turn this allows lighter wheel weight due to less material needed for wheel production overall. The end product is a true high performance, flawless cast when (RCast) with unprecedentedly light and strong rim and disk. Another benefit of this method not to be overlooked is the resulting smooth finish of the wheel surface.

The TAF method is completed by once again heat treating the wheels in order to optimise their molecular structure. How can RAYS produce better wheel within the lmiits of the casting process and available materials? RAYS are continually improving production and R&D to better understand their market.

TAF Uniformly reinforces the entire wheel

TAF is RAYS’ proprietary technology which homogenises molecular structure through miniaturisation. A homogeneously densely crystallised aluminium alloy brings an unprecedented level of strength and surface smoothness unattainable by conventional manufacturing technology. In terms of tensile strength and elongation, comparisons of wheel performance show obvious differences between RAYS cast wheels and those of our competitors’ manufactured outside Japan using conventional methods. Figures for RAYS cast wheels far exceed those of RAYS competitors for almost all parts.

Another Market Leader – RAYS new proprietary technology for rim forming

Although not as high profile as disks, high-performance rims are another of RAYS’ manufacturing strengths. In particular, RAYS cast flow forming (RCF), which lightens and strengthens the inner rim by spinning it, is an innovative manufacturing method which has lead cast wheels to the next level of development. For wheels with a two piece structure, usually sheet rims produced by shaping aluminium sheets into into rims are used, but RAYS uses their own in-house developed cut rims (VAIO-X rims), which are produced by controlling rim thinckness. This helps our constant efforts to reduce weight across all wheel parts, including by making those portions of the wheels requiring strength this and those that can be cut off, thin.

Amazing Finish on RAYS Wheels>

RAYS definition of high quality aluminium wheels is not limited to high performance alone. Wheels much fit cars perfectly and, more than anything else, reflect the styling of the era. To that end, the RAYS approach often extends far beyond the mere framework of industrial products.

To deliver wheels to our many users, RAYS must price their wheels in a way that suits user needs. To that end it is absolutely essential to manufacture wheels as efficiently as possible. RAYS believes, however, that sometimes value can be obtained by ignoring efficiency. For the blue clear finishing used in RAYS Gram Lights wheels, for example, craftsmen perform manual sanding prior to painting. In the vintage sunburst colouring method newly introduced for the Versus wheels, each individual wheel is hand-painted to produce delicate colour graduations. Though RAYS wheels are manufactured using high level analytical technology and manufacturing techniques, a spirit of craftsmanship still remains in these products. RAYS believe that they can please their users by adding new finishes to aluminium wheels, which are usually considered lifeless. To that end, RAYS also offers new colours, RBC/DC, which combines chrome like colours with diamond cust, and titanium coated rims, which has never been seen before. These newest creations were not conceived after completing the design process but rather were used to help guide product design in order to make them more effective and allow for more conspicuous effect.

Finished aiming to bring out the presence of wheels are also an important element directly affecting quality. Therefore, RAYS is constantly developing new finishing methods and does whatever it takes to put them into practice. Further, to deliver wheels that satisfy all their users, RAYS wheels strictly inspects products all the way through the production process. From manufacturing to packing – putting in the time and effort into ensuring product quality is important to RAYS and it shows in the final product.

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