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Looking for brake pads for your JDM car? Buy brake pads online at InTuneAutos. We have a wide selection of brake pads from top brands such as HKS, Brembo, Endless, Mugen, and SARD for your Mitsubishi, Nissan or Subaru. Get the best brake system for your car when you buy brake pads online and other brake accessories at InTuneAutos.

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Buy brake pads online from InTuneAutos that have been tested and designed to give you the best stopping experience for safe driving, able to withstand friction and peak heat temperatures with every push at the brakes. Buy brake pads to maintain top performance, reliability, and safety on the road with your JDM car.

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InTuneAutos delivers to Istanbul. Order and buy brake pads online now at InTuneAutos and we will deliver your brake pads for your JDM car in Ankara, Izmir or Burza. We get our brake pads direct from certified Mugen, SARD and HKS manufacturers, so you buy brake pads, brake rotors, car parts and accessories offered at the most competitive prices by InTuneAutos.

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Coefficient Of Friction: How It Works and How Manufacturers Use This Knowledge To Create Better JDM Brake Pads


When you’re gauging a brake pad, it’s important to keep its coefficient of friction in mind. What coefficient of friction? It’s the ratio of friction force between two façades and the force that’s pushing them together.

The smaller the friction coefficient, the smaller the force needed for the surfaces to slip. The higher the friction coefficient, the stronger the force needed for the two to slip. When an object weighing 100 kilograms needs to be moved with 100 kilograms of force, the friction coefficient is one (1). However, if that same object is moved with 50kg of fore, then .5 is the friction coefficient.

Now, when determining a vehicle’s brakes friction coefficient, both the braking torque and the fluid pressure required for the brake pad are used to make that determination.

For the most part, OEM brake pads are equipped with a .3 or .4 friction coefficient while performance brake pads are equipped with a .4 or .5 friction coefficient. If there is a higher coefficient, there’s no need for lots of fluid pressure to produce a high braking force. If the friction coefficient is extremely high, there’s an overabundance of friction and it makes it harder to brake.

3 Significant Factors For The Coefficient Of Friction – for JDM Brakes?

1 – The first, and most important, factor in the friction coefficient is to ensure brake pads obtain maximum friction level right when the brake pedal has been engaged. When the initial braking power is not good, people often say their brake pads are not working right.

2 – A second important factor for friction coefficient is the stability in varying temperatures. Lower coefficient of friction is normal in low and very high temperatures. However, this is an issue because the vehicle won’t have enough braking power if the temperature is extremely low. Another issue is the reduction in friction coefficient at very high temperatures. Folks who drive the racing circuits must have that stable braking power, and a well-made racing brake pad will come with the stable performance they’re looking for.

3 – The final important factor for friction coefficient is the stability at various speeds. When a stable friction coefficient is attained during braking at a speed of 60 kilometers an hour, brake pads become dangerous. However, they become unstable when braking at a speed of 180 km/h.

DIXCEL is constantly conducting research and development on a brake compound that will have a stable and high friction coefficient. To boost the friction coefficient and steady the brake compound, the popular materials used include but not limited to:

  • Bronze
  • Carbon
  • Ceramic
  • Fiber
  • Fiber glass
  • Kevlar
  • Titanium
    • All brake manufacturers are challenged to create a concoction of materials that’ll produce the best possible brake pad.

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