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Do slotted brake rotors reduce the life of my brake pads and why?


For most vehicles, aftermarket brake rotors are available in both the slotted and drilled variety. Both of these rotor types provide superior performance in comparison to original (OEM) brake rotors that come with your vehicle or are generally installed by brand name mechanics. These two styles of brake rotors have different pros and cons.

Drilled rotors have less metal than a slotted rotor. The roles in this rotor help remove the water when you’re driving in the rain. When you use less metal in the construction of your rotor, there’s less stopping power than if you use a rotor with more metal in its construction. Slotted rotors When you use a slotted rotor it has more metal than the drilled variety so these rotors can more water away at a better rate during rain. The slots also help keep your break pad free of debris that can get into the rotor and ruin it over time.

Slotted Brake Rotors

The slotted rotor will have about twice the life of the regular stock rotor that comes with your vehicle. This type of rotor expels the excess heat out of the slots in the rotor when you are breaking hard. This cuts down on the general wear of the rotor. The vehicle will have a shorter stopping distance that’s a lot smoother when you break as compared to a drilled rotor which is heavier. In addition because of improved cooling break fade due to overheating is less of a concern.

Slotted aftermarket rotors won’t shorten the life of your brakes because they are dissipating heat away from the breaks. If you are using the car a lot at high speeds or racing the vehicle then the brake pads will wear rout faster but not so much so if you’re just operating the car at normal speeds. The main disadvantage to these rotors is that that naturally cost a lot more when you compare them to normal brake rotors that you buy for your vehicle.

Pads Wheel and Rotors

Slotted or drilled rotors increase your breaking performance and reduce brake fade. If you do race then both your pads and rotors will wear out because you’re putting the car through a lot of stress. If you want to use the rotors for normal purposes then the pads and rotors should last you a long time, providing you’re not breaking excessively all the time. If you want a shorter breaking distance then the slotted rotors are what you want to get or if you plan to race frequently.

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