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Looking to buy for Performance Brake pads for your JDM car? Buy brake pads online to get top notch performance for your favourite JDM car such as Subaru, Honda or Toyota. We have a wide selection of high performance brake pads from SARD, Endless, and Brembo to give you the best and safest driving experience possible, so buy performance brake pads online today at InTuneAutos.

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Buy brake pads online at InTuneAutos and avoid brake fade from happening. Even the best brake pads will wear and tear in time. Ensure your fast car has the ability to stop or change direction when you want to and when you need to, and you can have peace of mind and safety when you buy brake pads online for your JDM car at InTuneAutos.

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InTuneAutos delivers to Paris. Order and buy brake pads online now at InTuneAutos and we will deliver your brake pads for your JDM car in Marseille or Toulon. We get our brake pads direct from certified SARD and Endless manufacturers, so you buy brake pads, brake rotors, car parts and accessories offered at the most competitive prices by InTuneAutos.

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Fade Resistance: What Happens With JDM OEM and Performance Pads At Certain Temperatures


Do you know what fade resistance is? There are two things that tends to happen with fade resistance:

1 – The temperature when the brake fade took place.

2 – How little friction coefficient changes after a brake fade takes place.

Brake fade is the reduction in a vehicle’s braking power. It tends to happen when high temperatures cause some of the resin material to evaporate.

When this happens, a film is created between the pad and disc, which tremendously reduces the friction coefficient. OEM pads do have a fade point of up to 350 degrees. However, the fade point for performance brake pads are anywhere between 400 and 700 degrees. Thus, performance brake pads are created with a higher fade resistance rate to curtail the reduction in friction coefficient after brake fade has happened. The rate of fade resistance is based on the percentage of the friction coefficient before and after the brake fade. Therefore, 100 percent means there was no change in the friction coefficient.

Now, OEM brake pads have a 40 to 50 fade resistance percentage while performance brake pads have a 60 to 80 fade resistance percentage. Endless’s goal is to boost the temperature in which brakes fade and curtail the reduction in friction coefficient after brake fade. It is constant research and development to design a better concoction of resins and material for the ideal brake pads.

A Look At JDM Brake Pad Wear

Most people are under the assumption that performance brake pads will wear out quicker than OEM brake pads. However, this isn’t true. In fact, the wear rate on both kinds of brake pads varies. It varies because it depends on the brake pads’ temperature.

According to the graph, you see the difference between the OEM brake pads and our performance pads; the M and Z kind pads. The values are the pad wear measurement after a .4G braking from 80km/h. It was repeated 1,000 times for every kind of pad and temperature.

When you look at the graph, it’s easy to see that, as the pad temperature rises the wear rate significantly increases. OEM pads with a temperature of less than 150 degrees have a low wear rate. When the pads have a temperature of more than 300 degrees, they have an increased wear rate.

Pad temps that go above 300 degrees, OEM pads will have brake fade and pretty much become useless when talking about braking power. Performance pads were created to be used on race circuits as well as street performance. For that reason, they have an optimal wear rate with temperatures of up to 600 degrees.

At lower temps, performance pads have a higher wear rate compared to OEM pads at low temps. If you plan on using the brake pads for street use, remember that performance pads will wear out sooner. They’re only for people who plan on racing or street performance and need them for their lengthier, safer and higher performance.

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