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Looking for replacement brake pads and other brake related paraphenalia? Look no further than intuneautos. We stock and have access to almost all brake pad brands including Brembo, SARD and Endless. intuneautos are your premium online supplier for creamic and other compounds, shipping directly from Japan worldwide.

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Potential stopping power is important in Japanese cars, especially so in ones driven to the edge on circuits. Because of this intuneautos offers a wide range of pads and discs, for street and racing needs. Not sure what setup you should use on your car? contact our helpful staff for a personalised free quote.

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How much does replacing brake pads cost?


Do your brake pads require changing but you are concerned about the costs involved? From a safety perspective, replacing your brake pads when they have worn down is vital. However ensuring you understand the process involved and costs from the beginning is important. Having a clear budget and greater understanding in the replacement process will ensure you have no nasty surprises. Today we will explore how long it takes to change brake pads and what expenses you can expect to pay.

Brake pad costs

Changing brake pads yourself or use an auto repair centre?

Changing brake pads is a process that the average motorist may find mildly challenging, however with the right equipment and parts it can be a mostly straightforward process. You need to remember that costs and labour hours can vary depending on vehicle model. As a general rule an experienced auto repair mechanic would usually be able to replace a set of brake pads in 1 hour. However if there are complications such as parking brake alignments then you may need to pony up for 2 hours.

Remember when changing a set of brake pads you need to replace both on each side to ensure even braking…

If you have decided to replace the brake pads yourself is important to understand the process involved and the tools that you will require. The first thing you will need is access to the disc braking unit, which can be done via removing the car’s tyre wheels. Remember when changing a set of brake pads you need to replace both on each side to ensure even braking. For example, if your front-left brake pad is worn down, change both this and the front-right one as well to ensure a safe even breaking process.

Once you have access to the brake caliper (large clamp on the disc wheel) you will need to loosen the bolts that keep everything in place if you have not already done this. Tilt the unit upwards and remove the brake retainer clips. Remove the old brake pads and pop in the replacement component. Secure the replacement pads with grease and retract your vehicles pistons as per manufactures instructions.

The final part of this process is to check and perhaps top up your brake fluid. Check when testing the brakes that the fluid does not drop below the minimum level. Once everything’s in place you need to secure all the wheels and go for a quick test drive in safe condition.

In total you should take no more than two hours to remove the old worn out brake pads and replace them with the new ones. If you don’t have the confidence to perform this yourself then you get an auto repair centre to do this for you. The estimated costs should be around 1-2 hours labor and parts.

Hopefully this guide has helped you to understand the process and possible costs involved in replacing your brake pads.

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