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New brake pads and rotors installed on my car, why do the brakes still squeal?


Have you recently had new brake pads and rotors installed, but are experiencing a squeal still while breaking? This is common problem which can be highly frustrating. But what is causing the brakes to squeal and how long does this noise last for after a replacement? Today we will explore this issue in greater detail. We will explain what causes this infuriating phenomena and what you can do to fix it?

What occurs to cause brake squeal?

If you have recently replaced your brake pads and rotors because of noisy brakes, you may be horrified to discover you have a similar issue with your new brake pads. But what is causing this to happen? Brake squeal is often caused when your new pads and rotors vibrate together; however this is not necessary a safety issue as most breaks create some form of noise depending on conditions. But you may wonder why this happens with new brakes? Let us explain; as your new rotor is wedged by the new brake pads a vibration motion is caused, which results in the annoying sound you hear.

How long does brake squeal last for?

As annoying as brake squeal can be, the positive news is that it will not last forever. Usually you should notice a reduction in noise after around 250 miles and by 750 miles you should rarely hear any brake squeal at all. During this time your new brake setup will settle down and synchronize more efficiently, resulting in less vibrations and therefore less noise. However if you can’t bear the sound of squealing brakes for the next few months then there are things you can do to reduce it.

What solutions are available to resolve brake squeal?

There are several solutions that you can consider to dramatically reduce brake squeal, including applying special sprays or lubricants to the brake calipers. However the most popular solution is to use a noise reduction or suppression shim, which is a strip placed on the rear of the break to diminish vibration sounds. You can purchase these self-adhesive strips from major auto-part centres and are perfectly safe to install. Noise reduction shims are regarded by the majority of mechanics to be the most suitable way to reduce squealing from new brake pads and rotors.

We hope that this guide has helped to explain why your brakes squeal after installing new brake pads and rotors on your vehicle. We know this issue can be frustrating, but by understanding the causes in greater detail and exploring available solutions, you can effectively resolve your brake squeal problem today.

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