Two Kinds Of Pad Wear Sensors Warn Drivers Of When To Change Brake Pads JDM


Pad wear sensors (or pad wear indicators) will alert people when their pads need to be replaced. There are two kinds of these pad wear sensors:

1 – Electric – A warning light on the vehicle’s instrument panel will turn on when the built-in electric wire on the pad is disconnected. This is the indicator that the pads needs to be replaced.

2 – Mechanical – When the metal clip on the pad touches the discs, it produces a screeching noise, which is an indication that the pad should be replaced.

The majority of American and Japanese vehicles use the mechanical pad wear sensors. However, most European and some Japanese luxury vehicles use the electric pad wear sensors.

Now, there are two kinds of electric pad sensors:

  • Detachable wear lead wires
  • Built-in

In the manufacturing process, the wear lead wire is attached to the brake pad, which means it will not become detached. SARD carries the Premium series that have built-in sensors. However, they also have built-in sensors on certain models for other pad types. ( To learn more, look at the application table.

4 Steps To Modify The Wire To Shut Off The Warning Light on your Japanese brakes

If warning lights don’t bother you, there are no safety problems with having them on. However, if you want to turn them off, there are four steps in the modification process:

  1. After you remove the brake pads from the vehicle, cut off and disconnect the pad wear sensor.
  2. The two sensor cords on the detached pad wear will then need to be connected.
  3. Affix the coupler of the pad wear sensor to the coupler on the vehicle.
  4. Attach the sensor cords to the vehicle so it will not interfere with the vehicle’s moving parts.

In the majority of cases, this process will lead to the brake pad’s warning light to shut off. In other cases, the vehicle dealer will need to reset the vehicle’s computer to get it to shut off. It’s important to keep in mind that a vehicle’s brake pad must be visually inspected to determine its lifespan.

A Look At JDM Rotors During Street Use

Depending on the road and pad conditions, it can take between 300 kilometers and 1,000 kilometers of running-in on normal roads. During this time, the vehicle should not be driving fast, abruptly driven or driven in a manner that causes the temperature to increase. Running-in of the rotors is done just by normal driving.

A Look At Japanese Rotors During Circuit Use

Rotors can easily experience cracks or distortion if optimum circuit driving is done straight from the beginning. These cracks or distortions will then result in judders. When a new rotor is used initially on a circuit, give it 50 percent braking for approximately five minutes. Take it back to the pit and give it a five-minute interval. Once done, give it 70 to 80 percent braking for roughly 10 minutes. Again, go back to the pit for its 10-minute interval. Gradually raise the braking percentage from 80 to 100 and the running-in on the circuit is done.

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