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Looking to shop for brake pads for your JDM car? Buy brake pads for your car here at InTuneAutos. We have a wide selection of brake pads to give you the stopping power you need, and you can buy semi metallic or buy ceramic brake pads for your top JDM car such as Mitsubishi Lancer, Honda Civic or Toyota Supra here at InTuneAutos.

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When people talk about cars, it’s the engine that’s gets the focus, or the sleek and stylish body design. Brake pads rarely get any notice, but your life depends on stopping or making quick direction changes. Buy brake pads online at InTuneAuos that will ensure you stop when you want to and when need to for the best and safest driving experience.

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What is better – semi metallic or ceramic brake pads?


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Are you considering replacing your car’s brake pads? Are you wondering what type of brake pad is more efficient or offers better value? When replacing your brake pads there are several factors to consider including the situations where one type of brake pad maybe better than the other and your budget. Today we will explore the differences between the two most popular brake pads, Semi Metallic or Ceramic?

Semi Metallic Brake Pads – Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Low cost – Semi Metallic Brake Pads are usually considerably cheaper than their Ceramic counterparts. You will normally find a good choice of semi metallic brake pads including budget ranges however it is important to also consider you will likely need to replace semi metallic brake pads more than ceramic solutions.
  • Effective grip even when cold – Unlike original style ceramic pads, Semi Metallic provide effective grip even when cold. This is an important consideration, especially if you live in a cooler climate or require short driving trips.


  • Shorter lifespan – Semi Metallic Brake Pads are not as durable as ceramic alternatives and therefore have a shorter lifespan. However you should find even a budget set of semi metallic pads should last for at least 30,000 miles.
  • Risk of Brake dust – Semi Metallic Brake Pads creates dust from the braking friction process. This dust may not be dangerous but it can cause dirty wheels and alloys which will require more cleaning in the future.
  • Slightly Noisier – Due to the frictional nature of Semi Metallic Brake Pads you will often notice an increase in braking noise. While most people don’t really notice the sound vibrations of their brakes in everyday driving, Ceramic brakes offer a much quieter braking system.

Ceramic Brake Pads – Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Longer lifespan – Ceramic Brake Pads require replacing less than semi metallic components. This increases the value of ceramic although you will often pay for this longevity.
  • Improved durability – A Ceramic Brake Pad is normally much tougher than semi metallic versions and is less likely to need repair or maintenance. Because of this they may also last longer depending on your driving habits.
  • Reduced Brake Dust – Unlike Semi Metallic components, Ceramic brake pads create considerably less brake dust than their metallic friction alternative saving you time in cleaning.
  • Reduced Brake Noise – Ceramic Brake pads are also quieter and offer a smoother braking experience.


  • Expensive – Ceramic brake pads almost always costs more than their semi metallic alternatives. However because they require replacing less then you are getting greater value for your higher upfront cost.
  • Increased wear on Brake rotors – Ceramic brake pads can cause more wear and tear on your other braking system components such as the Brake Rotors which will wear faster than using a semi metallic solution.

We hope that this article has helped you to understand the differences between semi metallic brake pads and ceramic solutions. There is no clear recommendation from these two choices; you simply need to consider which brake pad is more suitable to your budget, usage needs and driving requirements.

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