A Brief Overview Of The Composition and Make Up Of Vehicle Brake Discs


Brake discs are made of two key materials: carbon and cast iron. Now, carbon is extremely beneficial because it’s lightweight and is extremely thermal resistance. However, carbon is extremely expensive, which is why it’s mainly used by racing teams with a very high budget.

Although carbon is good, cast iron is generally used more often as the base material. There are three kinds of cast iron with each one having a different graphite composition.

  • CV cast iron
  • Ductile cast iron
  • Gray cast iron

A Closer Look At The Three Kinds Of Cast Iron used in rotors

Gray Cast Iron – This cast iron version has anti-abrasion capabilities and wonderful processibility. The advantage of this one is that it can be easily mass-produced, which is why many disc manufacturers use it. However, the negative aspect of it is that it can become cracked or deformed under repeated and frequent temperature changes.

Ductile Cast Iron – The strength of this cast iron is similar to steel. It’s also got an extraordinarily high anti-heat capability. However, it’s got a low surface hardness, which will lead to abnormal heating and wear because of the increased exothermicity.

CV Cast Iron – Standing for compact vermicular cast iron, it lies between ductile and gray cast irons. It can be difficult maintaining CV cast iron’s quality control while it’s being manufactured. For that reason, the quality will often vary. In some instances, it resembles gray cast iron and, in other times, it’ll resemble ductile cast iron.

After it’s been tested extensively, the gray cast iron and special additives are used in SARD brake discs. OEM Products tend to use the gray cast iron with FC150~200 (Now, FC stands for the cast iron’s strength) for its higher permanence. SARD, after exhaustive research and development, manufactured a disc that included special condiments to increase the strength of the disc to sudden temperature changes.

Brake Disc: A Look At The Shape and Structure

Ventilated and solid discs are the two most common kinds of brake discs. Ventilation discs contain cooling vanes that enable air to flow through so the disc can cool down. In fact, more and more vehicles on the road have ventilated discs on their front brakes. High-performance vehicles, on the other hand, are equipped with them on both the front and back brakes.

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