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Many users ignore brakes and aim for engine performance. Brake setup is important in Japanese cars, even moreso when you drive your car to the limit on a race track. Because of this intuneautos offers many aftermarket rotors and discs, for street and track racing needs. Not sure what configuration you should use on your car? contact our helpful staff for a personalised free quote.

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How Do After Market JDM Brake Rotors Compare to OEM?


Most people don’t think about their brake rotors each day but they are an important if not vital part of your vehicle. Without good brake rotors you can’t stop your vehicle properly. Auto makers choose brake pads based upon a few different factors such as noise, wear, dust, and the performance of the rotors. Your brake rotors go through a lot of abuse on your vehicle. They deal with high heat over many miles of driving. Manufactures have been able to make rotors that take all these factors into consideration. You can buy aftermarket rotors or OEM rotors and here are the main differences between the two types of rotors you can buy.

Main Difference between brand and OEM JDM parts

OEM brake rotor parts are those that are made for the vehicle when it’s put together and come stock on your vehicle. Third-party vendors also make rotors and these are referred to as aftermarket rotors by many people. Insurance companies also prefer that people use aftermarket rotors because these help to keep insurance costs down. These non OEM rotors are considered to be good replacements for the more expensive OEM rotors that you can put on your vehicle.

OEM Brake Rotors

When you buy your vehicle you get OEM parts. These are made by the manufacturer and are perfect for your vehicle. If you have an expensive car and you have the income to take care of it properly then you’ll probably want to go with OEM rotors if the rotors need to be replaced. THE OEM rotors are going to cost you more money but in the end you’ll be getting high quality parts for your vehicle. You’re going to reduce the performance of the vehicle if you go with poorly made rotors and this may even bring more costly repairs to your vehicle down the road. If you value your new vehicle you’ll go with the manufacturer OEM parts.

Another thing to consider when you compare OEM rotors and aftermarket rotors is if you’re going to sell the vehicle. If you’re selling a newer vehicle it makes sense to sell it with brand name parts, especially if it’s an expensive sports car or something of great value. A buyer is going to want the brand name quality parts installed on the vehicle they are buying from you.

If you drive a lot then you’ll want the OEM rotors as these will probably last you longer and give you more mileage out of them before they break down on you. Going with regular OEM parts makes sense if you value the components that go into your vehicle and you have an expensive vehicle that you wan to look after properly. It just won’t make sense to put inferior parts in a brand name expensive vehicle.

Aftermarket Japanese Rotors

The main difference in the aftermarket rotors is the price. You can get your rotors for a cheaper price than if you buy regular OEM parts. If you have an older car for example then you’ll want aftermarket rotors put on the vehicle. You would have no need for newer parts on a car that’s say 5-10 years old because you would just be wasting your money on the parts. If the car is really old and ending its lifespan then you’ll want to use aftermarket parts too. There’s nothing wrong with these parts you’ll still be getting a quality rotor for your vehicle it just won’t be the best you can buy for the vehicle. These are generic car parts that will do the job they need to do and that’s about it. The rotors are fine for most average vehicles on the road that we all drive day to day.

Aftermarket rotors are going to be ideal when you don’t have a lot of money to spend on your vehicle but you still want to keep it on the road. These rotors are the ideal choice because they cost less and this helps you keep more money in your pocket. If you just want to get from A to B then go for the aftermarket rotors for your vehicle.

The Choice is Up to You

The choice in rotors is really up to you. If you want better performance and you care about the parts that go into your car then you’ll want to buy OEM parts for your vehicle. If you just want to get from A to B and have an older car then you’ll want to go with aftermarket rotors which will cost you less but still give you a decent rotor for your vehicle.

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