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Many users ignore brakes and aim for engine performance. Brake setup is important in Japanese cars, even moreso when you drive your car to the limit on a race track. Because of this intuneautos offers many aftermarket rotors and discs, for street and track racing needs. Not sure what configuration you should use on your car? contact our helpful staff for a personalised free quote.

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JDM Brake Discs Undergo strict Heat Treatment Process To Eliminate Residual Stress


Residual stress is the structural weakness that happens in iron’s casting process. Iron is the primary material used in brake discs. When used normally on roadways, the residual stress causes no issues with the discs. However, if they’re used at race circuits at high temperatures for an extended period of time, the residual stress in the disc will lead to deformation and thermal cracking.

However, a heat treatment process will relieve residual stresses to keep deformation and thermal cracking from happening.

A Look At The Heat Treatment Process

DIXCEL applies a strict temperature control for every step of the process. Information about the heat treatment process’ temperature and time are not disclosed so only hypothetical values are used to explain it.

1 – Every 10 minutes the temperature is raised five degrees centigrade. When it reaches 300 degrees centigrade, the temperature is maintained for eight hours.

2 – After eight hours, the cool down process begins on the brakes with a reduction of five degrees centigrade every 10 minutes.

The entire process is done over a 24-hour period, allowing for a steady process under impeccable humidity control. This heat treatment process does three things:

  • Keeps deformation from occurring
  • Strengthens bonds between molecules
  • Allows for surge in heat resistance

Remember, the above times and temperatures are only hypothetical. DIXCEL actually uses different times and temperatures.

Benefits To Having Brake Discs With Either/Both Heat Treatment or Slots

When driven on a race circuit, there are a number of benefits of brake discs with heat treatment and/or slots.

  • If the vehicle has slotted discs, there is a surge in its stopping power. If the vehicle uses a heat treated discs, there’s a rise in its durability.
  • According to testing, slotted discs have an increase in the average braking power by up to 20 percent. Discs that have undergone the heat treatment process have protection against distortion, thermal cracking and juddering.
  • Both processes increase the disc and pad’s lifespan.

For any person who wants both options, DIXCEL suggests using the HS or FS series discs.

A Look At The Shape and Structure Of Japanese Brake Discs

There are two popular kinds of brake discs:

  • Ventilated
  • Solid

Now, ventilated discs come with cooling vanes between its braking surfaces that enable air to travel around and give it a cooling effect. The majority of vehicles’ front brakes have ventilated discs. The front and rear brakes on high performance vehicles are all equipped with ventilated discs.

Solid discs means that the disc is entirely metal between the friction surfaces, which means no air is allowed to pass through.

Disc Balance for JDM Brakes

Discs are checked for weight balance to ensure that it is evenly distributed. If an uneven weight distribution occurs, it causes the vehicle unwanted vibrations. This uneven balanced can be fixed by adding on weight or reducing the extra weight.

  • Improve the brake pads’ bedding process
  • Provide steadier braking from the beginning
  • The groove located between the disc’s friction and mounting surfaces is intended to maximize the cooling effect. This is to lessen or eliminate any distortion or cracking.

    DIXCEL puts all discs through an exhaustive final product assessment so that consumers purchase only the best quality products.

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