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Many users ignore brakes and aim for engine performance. Brake setup is important in Japanese cars, even moreso when you drive your car to the limit on a race track. Because of this intuneautos offers many aftermarket rotors and discs, for street and track racing needs. Not sure what configuration you should use on your car? contact our helpful staff for a personalised free quote.

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What causes brake rotors to wear out or become warped?


Is your car running sluggishly and you feel that the breaks aren’t working as well as they could be? It’s quite possible that your brake rotors are starting to wear out on your vehicle. If you find your car isn’t performing as well as it could be it might be time to have your rotors looked at. Here are some reasons why your rotors on the vehicle might be wearing out or getting warped.

General rotor wear

Like all mechanical parts the main concern with your rotors will be general wear and tear. If you’re driving all the time your brake rotors will just wear out due to general use. If you’re speeding or racing the car then the rotors will wear out faster due to increased braking forces. Check with the manufacturer for your brake rotors and see how long they are supposed to last. If you’re easy on the rotors you should get the full amount of wear out of them before they need to be replaced. Changing to a different brand or style of rotor can also give extend the lifetime of your rotors.

Temperature Changes

If there’s a big change in temperature, this can cause the metal in the rotor to expand and contract which might cause it to warp or to wear out at a faster rate. If the brakes are used excessively and constantly then the rotors will wear out faster. If you’re driving down steep grades for example you might be putting force onto the rotors where you need to apply the brakes more than you normally would in normal driving circumstances.

Brake rotor wear

Debris and Dirt on the Rotors

One thing that causes your rotors to wear out is the amount of dirt and debris they are accumulating. The dirt will eat away at the metal on the rotors and cause pitting and possible gouging, causing them to break wear at an accelerated rate and affect breaking performance. This can also cause warping of the rotors over an extended time. If you have a wheel replaced this can cause dirt to get into the rotor and cause it to warp.

Worn Brake Pads

You can also wear out your rotors or have them warp on you if you’re driving with worn brake pads. These will scrape against the rotors and cause wear to occur. There can be scrapes and scores on the rotors or they can warp completely due to the worn pads hitting them. There are two indicator type to inform you when brake pads need replacing. A piece of steel installed at the replacement depth of the pad is the most common. When the pad is worn to this level it will start squealing. The alternative is an electronic sensor that will alert the driver via the cars dashboard.

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