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Equipping high performance brake lines makes your driving experience much better, giving you precise control over your brakes. APP is one of the leading manufacturers of brake lines. If you would like to get more reliable braking performance, we recommend APP high performance brake lines for your JDM car.

One of the biggest differences between OEM and APP brake line is material used in construction. Most OEM brake hoses are made from rubber with no shielding. Rubber expands easily when heated and it cannot fully transfer pressure from a master cylinder to a caliper. APP has several types of brake line such as stainless mesh and steel. Stainless mesh brake line don’t expand easily when heated giving it better pedal travel is shorter than of OEM brake lines, allowing drivers more reliable and rigid braking performance. It is the most suitable for racings which requires severe braking controls during cornering, also higher temperature tolerance.

Choose the best APP brake line for your JDM car

How about drivers who don’t track race? Do they need to replace brake lines? The answer is yes. Even if you drive only on fast road, you will notice big differences with equipping high performance APP brake lines. Especially, if you drive a van, SUV or RV, you will experience the difference more easily because those vehicles have longer brake lines which can stretch more if only rubber. Also APP brake lines offer you improved braking performance in severe situations like highway, downhill road, a lot of passengers, heavy cargo, and equipping bigger wheels.

APP brake lines work well with safety systems like ABS and braking assists, and it gives you reliable braking performance in an emergency.

There is no reason not to replace high performance brake lines on your JDM car. It’s easy and you will take your braking performance to a new level. It is also a reltaively cheap upgrade that offers improved safety along with performance.

APP uses PTFE Teflon hoses for their brake lines. PTFE Teflon hose is chosen as offers has high pressure and heat resistance. And then, PTFE hose is covered by stainless mesh or steel. It makes the hose not to expand easily in the high temperature and gives drivers stable and rigid braking feeling. Then, the clear coating is applied on the hose, which keeps brake lines clean in any conditions.

There are two types of APP brake lines which are stainless mesh and steel. If you don’t know which types to choose for your Japanese car, see following introduction of each type.

Stainless mesh type APP Brake Lines

Machining from stainless. It has a strong anti-rust. Good for both racing and fast road drivers. It is also strongly recommended for those who live near ocean and in snowing regions.

Steel type APP Brake Lines

Better braking performance than OEM brake line. Cheaper price than stainless mesh brake lines. It is recommended for those who would like to have better braking performance, but would like to save money at the same time.

In this way users can balance between cost and performance – even straight steel lines are an improvement over OE brake lines.

APP brake lines are recommended for any situations from fast road to severe racings. Intuneautos offers full line up of APP brake lines. Intuneautos ship APP brake lines directly from Japan and offers competitive pricing. Shop APP online at intuneatuos now.

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