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Blitz intercoolers for WRX

An intercooler is a common upgrade for a Subaru WRX - this is for a number of reasons. Firstly ifyou upgrade your turbo (which you are planning to right?) you will need a new intercooler, well most of the time anyway. Blitz intercoolers are high quality and will not disapoint.

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Blitz Intercoolers online


Blitz intercoolers. Best way to lower the temperature of your JDM cars

Keeping the temperature of an engine and other components low is the key for better performance at racing. Even if you don’t drive in a circuit, installing a better intercooler makes other components last longer So, why intercoolers matter in the fast place? The air is rapidly compressed in a turbocharger and it greatly expands and has high temperature. It decrease the charging efficiency and is harmful for automotive parts. Intercoolers keep the air cool and increase the charging efficiency. Blitz has long years experience of manufacturing intercoolers for Japanese aftermarket parts industries. Blitz intercoolers have been applied by major Japanese racing teams and have gained great reputation.

High performance inter coolers change your driving online experience

Intercooler CS type is the flagship model of Blitz for Japanese aftermarket. CS stands for Chemical Shine which is originally developed by Blitz. It is the special treatment and creates strong coatings on the entire core. By doing this, heat resistance and corrosion resistance are greatly improved. You will also be surprised how beautiful the coating is. Usually, cores of general intercoolers tends to become white under continuous usage because oxidation films are formed on cores. However, the core of Blitz intercooler CS type keeps shining quite longer because Chemical Shine itself is the special coating and it prevents oxidation films from forming on cores. Thanks to CS, Blitz intercoolers always look beautiful on your JDM performance cars.
Now, take a look at other technology of Blitz intercooler CS which increases the performance of your Japanese cars. Given the balance of pressure loss and cooling efficiency, the inner tube is adopted to realize a reliable lightweight offset type. Louver type outer fins are applied which improve the amount of wind coming off when driving. By making the layout less bend as much as possible, to adopt aluminum material, piping achieves a reduction in pressure loss and weight reduction.

There is no reason not to try Blitz intercoolers on your JDM cars. Their long years experiences in racing and tuning fields bring their intercoolers to a whole new level.

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