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A common question is "how much performance do I get from Blitz parts?"

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Blitz JDM automotive parts

This is a difficult question to answer - it depends entierly on what product you are specifically looking at. Exhausts? Turbos? Suspension? On top of that there are different models of each car part that can influence performance even more.

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Blitz history – the leading company of high performance aftermarket parts

Over 30 years, Blitz has been a leading company of high performance aftermarket parts for Japanese car models. Their product range is quite large (Turbocharger, Compressor, Muffler, Air Cleaner, Meter, Injection controller computer, Intercooler, etc). Back in 1981, Blitz was founded to import and distribute the German tuning parts brand, Kühnle Kopp und Kausch (KKK), in Japanese aftermarket. So they didn’t have their original products at first. They started to manufacture their original racing meter and computer under the Blitz brand late 80’s. Then, they have broadened their product lineups of high performance JDM parts gradually for both Japanese and overseas market. Blitz made a racing team and joined D1 Grand Prix, professional drift championship, by Nissan Skyline ER34 in Japan in 2002. The team invited Ken Nomura who is the one of the most popular racing drivers in Japanese drifting fields as the main driver. Joining D1GP has been successful in both promoting the Blitz brand and testing their products. By the way, did you know why a lightning is shown in the Blitz logo? It is because “Blitz” means “lightning” in German.

Blitz high performance parts – Never stop improving

Blitz is often called a cyberbrain group (in Japanese, Dennou Shudan). This is because Blitz has superior experiences in making electronic devices such as boost controllers, throttle controllers and other computers. Nowadays, much smarter electronic devices are installed on the latest JDM car models, and those devices are more complicated than of the past at the same time. It makes it more and more difficult for JDM aftermarket parts manufacturers to develop electronic devices for the latest models. It takes even a few years to develop. It is definitely not good. Racing drives and tuning users of the latest car models want to install high performance aftermarket parts as soon as they purchase JDM cars. For example, Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ were released in April, 2013. A number of enthusiastic drivers wanted to upgrade their vehicle with aftermarket parts, but there were not enough parts produced for those models. Blitz knows that it is a great advantage if they can develop high quality electronic devices (and other JDM parts, too) for the latest JDM car models promptly. Long years experiences in both racing and tuning fields enables Blitz to develop high performance parts quickly. They released the parts for 86 and BRZ pretty quickly and satisfied the needs of passionate drivers. If you look for high performance aftermarket parts for your JDM cars, Blitz is definitely the right one to choose. You can shop a wide range of Blitz products online at intuneautos.

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