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When we play sports, we breathe harder than usual. This is a natural behavior as human beings, and we can tell the same thing with JDM vehicles. If your JDM vehicle can breathe larger amount of air, it can improve its performance. Equipping a better air filter is the best way to increase the amount of air for your car. (Air filter is sometimes called air cleaner.)

How a good air filter improve performance of your JDM car

To improve performance, it is important to remove a barrier and make the air being streamed smoothly to an engine. Unfortunately, OEM air filters do not have good performance. OEM air filters are made for usage under a wide range of situations. Its top priority is not a good performance, but a long life and durability with keeping cheap prices. OEM air filters often apply some measurements on it to keep sound low, and it greatly decrease its efficiency of breathing. It’s like people run a marathon with wearing a gas mask. You can easily imagine how it is inefficient.
Aftermarket air filter is designed to improve an efficiency of air stream, and we recommend you replace your OEM air filter with an aftermarket high performance air filter for your Japanese car. If you don’t know which aftermarket brands to choose, we recommend Blitz, HKS, TOM’S and other major leading aftermarket high performance parts manufacturers. They have long years’ experiences in both racing and fast road categories and offer drivers reliable automotive parts.
Unlike OEM air filter, aftermarket air filter is offered in multiple types like below.

  • Direct replacement type: This type has the same shape with OEM air filter, so it can be fit in the same spot which OEM air filters are equipped. You can get better performance with easy replacement.
  • Higher performance type: It is particularly designed to have greater efficiency. This type has a different shape from OEM air filter, so you have to remove a box which contains OEM air filter. If you pursue greater performance, we recommend this type of aftermarket air filter.

Those are the basic information of OEM and aftermarket air filters, and now you have learned how air filters work. Intuneautos offer you a wide range of aftermarket high performance air filter of major parts manufacturers like Blitz, HKS, TOM’S, SPOON, and so on. All of the products are shipped directly from Japan. Shop online at intuneautos now.

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