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As EXEDY is an OEM supplier of clutches, there are millions models in replacement parts and also wide range of racing clutches fitting most of Japanese sports cars. In automotive aftermarket, EXEDY clutches are now sold in more than 80 countries across the world and have been known as the most reliable and high quality clutches by sports car lovers in the world.

Quality, Performance, Reliability – These are the hallmarks of an EXEDY clutch. And these are the values that EXEDY are proud to apply to every clutch in their three ranges – “standard”,” sports” and “commercial”. To be able to boast such characteristics, EXEDY has innovated in the transmission market with a number of key technologies suited for all types of vehicle application. To ensure market leading quality, EXEDY utilises its 3 core technologies, “Friction”, “Vibration” and “Fluid”. The combination of these technologies has ensured EXEDY is renowned globally for manufacturing excellent products.

With over 60 year’s experiences in developing and manufacturing clutches, EXEDY has invented new technologies for motorsports and supported a number of world class racers to compete with their rivals in severe conditions. In 1964, Daikin Manufacturing which is a former company of EXEDY Corporation, first developed a racing clutch covers compatible to high revolution of the racing engines. Formula One machine from Ferrari team equipped a clutch engineered by EXEDY and won Canada Grand Pix in 1995 and “Kozure Okami HINO” won one-two finish in the Camions class of the Dakar Rally in 1996. Lately, EXEDY assisted Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo in YAMAMA Moto GP team to win series championship in 2009, 2010 and 2012.

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Clutch Cover is assembled to a flywheel with a clutch disc and transmits engine torque on and off. The clutch cover supports the clutch rotating system and transmits engine torque by pushing the clutch disc.

Clutch Disc is located between the clutch cover and the flywheel. The major role of clutch disc is not only to transmit engine torque on and off but also to reduce vibration by its damper and friction performance. Engine torque can be cut off and transmitted by engaging or disengaging from the flywheel.

EXEDY racing flywheels, which were made from solid one-piece forged chrome moly steel, are specially designed to reduce weight and inertia for improved engine response. Most flywheels incorporate special design features to enhance the airflow to improve the cooling of the clutch system. EXEDY forged chrome moly steel flywheels are guaranteed burst-proof to 16,000rpm.

EXEDY has also developed a special flywheel called “Dual-Mass Flywheel“ which was designed for applications with high torque engines sports cars, used commonly when engine size has been reduced. The Dual Mass Flywheel secures damping functionality at low speeds in order to reduce CO2 emissions and increase gas mileage.

The features of the Dual-Mass flywheel are:

  • To decrease the harshness of operation and sound of transmission gear rattle.
  • To secure strength at low resonance speed.
  • To decrease the sound of the damper operation.
  • Secure pressure plate lift.
  • Improvement of engine start at low temperature.
  • Water& dust proof.

EXEDY clutch reviews?

A large number of JDM parts lovers enjoy EXEDY clutches with its high performance and driveability. Some drivers find it a lot smoother and quicker for gears to disengage and switch to another gear whereas others say it gives fantastic pedal feel and clutch bite. Most of the users agree that there is less or sometimes no judder at all when clutch system (pressure plates and clutch disc) come into contact with flywheel that is attached to engine.

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