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Worldwide, EXEDY racing clutches are one of the most popular racing clutch brands. All EXEDY racing clutch is design to fit high powered sports cars driving under extreme conditions demanded by racing sports.

For racing clutches, EXEDY offer three main model lines, covering the whole gamut of driver requirements.

1. Single Sports Series Clutch – Combination of EXEDY sports cover assembly and release bearing with either Sports Organic clutch disc, a Race Ceramic or a Sports Ceramic (SC) Disc boosts higher clamp load, spheroidal graphite pressure plate castings and additional drive straps are utilised to prevent pressure plate casting failure at high RPM

2. Hyper Metal Series Clutch – This EXEDY Hyper Metal clutch contains next generation clutch technology, with the range of single, twin and triple plate configuration for both pull and push type clutch system. This series are designed as being compact and light-weight for improved engagement, shift and engine response whilst maintaining driveability.

3. Hyper Carbon Series Clutch – This series was originally designed with an assumption of being used for more ultimate motorsports such as Formula 1. EXEDY has now successfully applied the technology developed by supplying the product to the Ferrari team at Formula 1 to the highest range of clutch product – Hyper Carbon Series.

A History of aftermarket clutches – EXEDY motorsports

With over 20 years experiences in producing racing clutch, EXEDY has been supporting several motor sports team such as Formula One, MOTO GP, Super GT, 2013 Formula Challenge Japan and F4.

In 1995, Ferrari team won Formula 1 Canada Grand Prix with a clutch developed by EXEDY. It was the first time that EXEDY clutch contributed a winning at world class race. The engineers who designed this clutch were involved in the MOTO GP clutch project after 20 years and used their knowledge from Formula 1 into developing a new clutch for MOTO GP machine.

EXEDY has been working with YAMAHA FACTORY RACING team (formerly FIAT YAMAHA RACING team) to take consecutive wins at MOTO GP in 2009, 2010 and 2012 by supplying their Multi Plates Clutch specially designed for their motorcycles. MOTO GP superstar, Valentino Rossi himself tested the EXEDY clutch on his machine and was fully satisfied with its performance.

EXEDY Corporation leads the way among clutch manufactuerers

EXEDY is now one of the world’s largest original equipment clutch manufacturers for Japanese vehicles supplying clutch products to almost half of all Japanese vehicles and most of all Japanese trucks, as well as being an original equipment supplier of automatic transmission parts such as torque converters and friction discs equipped with not only Japanese cars but also some American and European cars.
EXEDY was established at 1950 in Osaka, Japan as a manufacturer of clutches and was formerly known as “Daikin Manufacturing Co Ltd”. In 1970’s, Daikin started producing automatic transmission (AT) parts including torque converters and small inner parts in AT transmissions. In 1995, the company name was change to “EXEDY” from Daikin, and the 2 years later, EXEDY was listed on 1st section of the Tokyo Stock EXchange. In 2010, EXEDY celebrated 60th year anniversary of its incorporation and will continue to grow contributing to the society based on the company policy “Focus on Basic”.

EXEDY has been awarded a number of prizes by major car manufacturers and their customers. Internationally, EXEDY was awarded the GM Supplier of the Year in 2000, 2002 & 2003 and was awarded Best Supplier Powertrain by Daimler in 2008. In 2009, Supplier of the Year was awarded by Hyundai Kia motors group. In Japan, EXEDY has been awarded the Special Award and Quality Excellence Award by Daihatsu Motor Co since 2000. EXEDY is the only supplier that has been awarded this prize for consecutive 13 years. Jatco Supplier Award was awarded in 2012. Jatco is the biggest parts supplier in Nissan group and a subsidiary company of Nissan Motor Co.

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