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Fujitusbo exhausts are known to be one of the most popular aftermarket Japanese exhaust brands. With their long history, Fujitsubo know how to manufactuer a killer exhaust system, from stainless, titanium or newer more out there materials.

Fujitsubo are a top selling JDM car part.

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Fujitsubo Car Parts – A breif History

Fujitsubo is known for its high quality sport exhaust systems which include exhaust manifold, catalyzer, front pipe, sub-silencer and main-silencer. They have quite long history in the high performance parts aftermarket. Fujitsubo was born in 1931 in Fukuoka prefecture, Japan. Initially they did not manufacture car mufflers at first – their original specialty was motorcycles engines. Their mission is to “produce the highest quality products”. This has not changed since Fujitsubos foundation in 1931. For Fujitsubo, “high quality” doesn’t only mean high performance exhaust systems, but also means high customer’ satisfaction and environmentally friendly products. To accomplish its mission, Fujitsubo has never stopped pursuing advanced technologies and integrating them in their JDM car parts. They acquired ISO 9001:2000 certification in 1997, this means Fujitsubo are recognised as one of the highest quality manufactuers, worldwide possible. They also have participated in major racing competitions, too. One is Super Taikyu (Endurance) Race series. The experiences and feedback from drivers in those severe races help them to develop innovative products for JDM car drivers.

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Fujitsubo moved their headquarters from Fukuoka to Kanagawa prefecture in 1955. They also opened a research and development office, a production plant and a sales department office in Shizuoka prefecture near the Fuji Speedway. Having a research and development office near a racing circuit gives them a great advantages over competitors. The reason why JDM automotive drivers love Fujitsubo is simple. It is because Fujitsubo offers driver the best quality exhaust systems. They operate a chassis dynometer, ⅓ octave band sound analysis device and other specialized equipments to accumulate numerous data. Their productivity has been improved by using advanced 3D laser processing machines and automated pipe benders. The strict quality control is made with CCD cameras, 3D CAD and image analysis software. They do continuous testings on actual cars. Those efforts led them to acquire the patent of exhaust manifold (Pat. N. 1320379). If you want to replace your exhaust system to more reliable one, try Fujitsubo. You will get a whole new experiences on your JDM car model. Intuneautos offer you a wide range of Fujitsubo exhaust system with competitive prices and shipped directly from Japan. Shop Fujitsubo now at intuneautos!

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This page is all about Fujitsubo, that iconic Japanese exhaust manufactuer! We love Fujitsubo and their JDM car parts. Most of the staff at intuneautos would have Fujitsubo exhausts if they could - Fujitsubo products receive rave reviews online and its not difficult to understand why, they are simply excellent!

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