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As a leading company in the exhaust industry, Fujitsubo is always pursuing the best quality. Thanks to their numerous tests and years of experience in severe racing, Fujitsubo aftermarket exhaust systems are considered to be the best exhausts in the industry. At intuneautos we definitely recommend Fujitsubo sport exhausts for your JDM car.

RM-01A – Best JDM sport exhaust for Gymkhana, dirt trials and other competitive driving formats.

Fujitsubo manufacture a wide variety of sport exhausts from street to racing. RM-01A is the best exhaust for those who participate in Gymkhana, dirt trial, and other competitions. In those competitions, mid to high RPM power is considered to be critical. And also, those races often have strict modification restrictions, and drivers have to equip performance parts within restrictions. This is actually really difficult and many as manufacturers strive for continuous improvement. Fujitsubo succeeded to greatly reduce the weight of RM-01A while keeping its great performance. Drivers can receive a lot of benefit from a light weight exhaust such as the Fujitsubo RM01A. One is improved acceleration. It is easily understood that making a car light improve acceleration. It also improve braking performance, life of tires, cornering among other handling aspects. RM-01A is 50% lighter than OEM exhaust systems for most applications. This is simply great.
Fujitsubo reinvented the main pipe and silencer body in order to achieve this weight savings. The thickness of RM01A is carefully chosen from three types, which are 1.0mm, 1.2mm. and 1.5mm based on each JDM car application to produce the best performance. All of the unnecessary weight is removed and the pipes look just beautiful.

Try Fujitsubo RM-01A exhausts for your JDM. All of the Fujitsubo exhausts are available online at intuneautos and shipped directly from Japan by competitive prices. Shop now at intuneautos.

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