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GReddy JDM Parts online – a Breif history


GReddy – Passionate about JDM Parts

GReddy is the brand of Japanese aftermarket car parts managed by Trust Company Ltd. GReddy is known for its high quality performance parts such as exhausts, turbo chargers, strut tower bars, aero parts, etc.

Trust founded in Chiba prefecture, Japan in 1977 by three young passionate guys who love motor sports. They were interested in exhaust systems and they built exhaust manifold and mufflers by themselves. These mufflers were installed on their JDM cars and friends’ racing cars. The quality of products were high and the racing cars which equipped their new exhausts won a number of races. This is the beginning of the history of GReddy and Trust, and they has gained great reputation in racing fields as well as street racing/modding JDM circles.

High performance JDM parts for racing, street and tuning users

A number of competitions in Japanese top racing fields gave them great feedback. It helps them to make high performance JDM parts for street and tuning users. One of the visions of GReddy is to provide high quality Japanese automotive parts not only to racing users, but also to street and tuning users. That vision has not changed over 30 years since their foundation.

Exhaust systems are a popular upgrade for JDM modified cars and Greddy exhaust systems never fail to improve performance, especially compared to stock exhausts. Have a read of reviews online and compare Fujitsubo exhausts to high end Greddy, the performance from either system is worth every dollar. The most common replacement parts for Greddy air intake kits are new air filters. Typically air filter elements are replaced as general maintenance to keep your vehicle running smoothly – many mechanics advise to replace air filter media every 20-30,000km (12-19,000miles). Air flow can be restricted by clogged filters and driving in dusty conditions such as gravel roads can shorten the life of your filter. Mufflers/mounting kits
Greddy performance parts are used to enhance and improve the performance of your motor vehicle. Not all are aimed at increased horsepower, acceleration or braking, some also improve fuel efficiency. Because of this Greddy parts are popular amongst car owners who aim for better performance, but also owners aiming for superior gas mileage. Greddy offer a wide range of parts for all needs, from budget to mortgage your house expensive. Intercoolers are almost as important as air intake kits, but obviously for turbos and superchargers. Intercoolers tend to be more expensive than air intakes but luckily do not need replacing as often – in fact they are generally not replaced unless you want an upgrade or have blow up your existing one! The radiator is the final piece in the Greddy cooling product line up – ignoring oil cooler kits which are not as common. Radiators have always been used for cooling engines in one way or another and Greddy models are high performance, low maintenance upgrades for JDM cars.

Racing history of GReddy car parts

Since its foundation, GReddy has challenged many kinds of racings such as endurance races, touring races, dart trials, etc. They even started their own racing team, Trust Racing Team, when they founded the company. The main purpose of making their own racing team is to show their products’ performance to audiences and to get feedback of their products from severe races and improve their products. Their aim has succeeded. GReddy started its history by making exhausts, and now they are popular for a number of categories of JDM performance parts such as turbo chargers, suspensions, strut bars, aero parts, etc.

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