JDM car tuning – The beginnings


Tuning a car is popular among most of JDM car drivers. Even if you don’t think you do tuning, you may do without you noticing. Tuning is not only equipping high performance mufflers and brake systems, but also making small changes on your JDM cars like changing a back mirror. Drivers apply car-tuning to increase performance, to get better appearance, to get better efficiency, and so on.

It is important to know what your top priority of tuning cars and see your JDM car as a whole. Even if individual JDM car part has great performance, you have to think their characteristics and combination with other aftermarket parts. The most expensive car part is not always the best for your purpose of car tuning. For example, if you drive Honda Civic only in a fast road and never drive in a circuit, and you would like to get more reliable braking performance for a fast road driving, you shouldn’t choose racing type brake systems even if those brake systems are expensive and have great stopping power. Generally racing type brake systems are not made for a fast road usage and may cause trouble. We can say the same thing to other tuning parts.

Tuning your JDM car as a whole

We mentioned it is important to see your JDM car as a whole, but what does it mean?

A car is made of a number of parts, and those parts influence each other. If some parts have problems, it influences other parts and cause more troubles. In tuning category, if you equip a higher power engine, you may start to feel you need a brake system which has more stopping power. Or equipping a higher power engine may burden other parts. In this case, an engine doesn’t have any troubles by itself and it is even better than an OE engine. Seeing your JDM car as a whole means taking a good balance among various parts. Please remember that a good part is not always a good part for other parts. It is a difficult point in JDM car tuning, but it is fun point, too. We hope you enjoy tuning and built your original tuning car.

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