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J s racing japan is well known for honda car parts. Honda cars like the S2000, Honda Jazz, CRZ, Civic and Integra. Popular Js racing parts include intakes, spoliers/wings, mufflers and brakes, both discs and calipers.

Honda Civic Type R is one of the most popular Civic models.

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Did you know that intuneautos freights to New Zealand? Because intuneautos buys directly from Japanese manufactuers you can be sure that all our products are genuine and available at the most competitive prices.

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If you love Honda cars, J’s Racing must be familiar with you. J’s Racing parts are produced by one of the most popular automotive part manufacturers specializing for JDM Honda vehicles. J’s Racing was founded in Osaka, Japan, in 1989. As a specialist of JDM Honda cars, Js have been dedicated to tuning and developing high performance JDM parts. Their main products are exhaust systems, intake, air filters, reinforcement bar (strut bar), engine parts, radiator, aero parts, suspension, brake, clutch, etc. It is not an exaggeration to say that J’s Racing makes everything of Honda aftermarket parts.

J’S Racing history -JDM online for Honda cars

There is clear reason why everyone loves J’s Racing. Their passion toward the highest performance for JDM Honda cars is incredible. Providing high performance parts to racing team to test their products is common practice for Jays. Many JDM parts manufacturers including J’s Racing do. J’s Racing also host and sponsor track events themselves to attract their customers and to test their products.

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It is not easy for J’s Racing to release new products. Numerous tests and much research is conducted for each JDM high performance product – and only products which exceed their high standard will be released to the JDM aftermarket. This JDM development incurs great cost and time for them, but manufacturing the best products in the market has been their philosophy since their foundation.

J’s Racing have a showroom beside their headquarters in Osaka, Japan. Customers can see and purchase J’s Racing products there. There are skilled staffs and customers can get advice of any kinds.
For those continuous effort, J’s Racing JDM aftermarket parts are not only popular in Japan, but also in other countries.

If you are an owner of JDM Honda car or plan to buy JDM Honda car, J’s Racing is undoubtedly the right choice. All of the J’s Racing products at intuneautos are shipped directly from Japan to worldwide. Shop J’s Racing high performance aftermarket parts online at intuneautos.

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