Learn how to maintain your JDM muffler


Have you ever inspected your JDM muffler yourself? If you haven’t, we recommend you regular inspections or even take your car to a maintenance shop. Continuous rough treatment of your JDM muffler might cause lower performance or might even break your muffler without you noticing. So, how do inspect a muffler? You can only see a tail end and a silencer without lifting up your JDM car. If you inspect it by yourself, lift up your car with rigid racks and a jack.

Three things to check on your JDM muffler

Rust on your muffler is bad – not only looks tacky, but also cause damage to your muffler. If you do not remove rusts for a long time, it will make holes on your muffler. Holes cause many problems. If your muffler is made of steel, you should take care of rust frequently. Steel is a popular material for muffler because it is cheaper than other materials like stainless and titanium. However, steel tends to produce rust on a muffler. If your muffler is made of stainless and titanium, your muffler has better anti-rust characteristics, but you still have to be careful with rust to keep good performance longer.

Dent in your muffler

The main job of a muffler is to release exhaust fumes smoothly to the air. However, if a muffler has dents on it, it prevents fumes from streaming smoothly. Even if you equip an aftermarket high performance muffler with a large diameter, dents decrease the exhaust efficiency. Especially, dents often appear when you rub a muffler against ground.

Hole in mufflers are also problematic

You will notice if your muffler has holes, because the sound volume rapidly increases. Holes don’t only increase the sound volume, but also release toxic gas to the air. Immediate repair is required.

Maintain your JDM muffler

How can you maintain your JDM muffler if you find above three problems?

When you find rusts, remove rusts as possible as you can with wire brush at first. Then, use anti-corrosive to prevent a muffler from producing new rusts. If rusts appears on the painted part of your muffler, it is good to paint your muffler again after removing rusts.

If your muffler has dents, unfortunately you need to purchase a muffler again. However, aftermarket muffler manufacturers like Fujitsubo offer a part of muffler on sale, so you don’t need to purchase a whole muffler again. There are exceptions based on your models of a muffler and a car, so please ask intuneautos in advance.

If a hole is small, you can repair it by yourself with repairing materials. However, if a hole is caused by rusts, a muffler may have to be replaced because rusts may advance inside a muffler.

Don’t forget to maintain your muffler even if you don’t see above problems on your muffler. Maintaining your muffler is good way to keep your muffler’s performance high and to prevent your muffler from causing problems.

Replace your JDM muffler

We introduced how to maintain your JDM muffler. We hope you can now maintain your muffler by yourselves. If your find problems on your muffler which cannot be repaired, we recommend you replace your JDM muffler as soon as possible. A damaged muffler causes many problems. Aftermarket high performance muffler manufacturers like Fujitsubo, HKS, Mugen, etc offers a wide varieties of mufflers for your JDM cars and driving styles. Intuneautos ship JDM high quality mufflers directly from Japan with competitive prices. Shop online at intuneautos now.

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