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Fujitsubo Titanium exhausts -Get greater performance on your JDM cars!

Choosing Fujitsubo exhaust systems is the great way to upgrade your JDM car model. Fujitsubo have over 80 years experience in the Japanese high performance parts aftermarket. Fujitsubo titanium exhaust systems have been chosen by a number of racing and many street drivers. Titanium exhausts are a popular upgrade for non-competitive, on road drivers.

Super Ti -The flagship model from Fujitubo sport exhaust systems

Super Ti is the flagship model of Titanium Fujitubo exhausts. General aftermarkets exhausts are made of steel, specifically stainless steel, but Super Ti exhausts are produced in their entierty using titanium. From the flange at the manifold to the tail pipe, all connecting pipes, hangers/clamps and extension pipes are titanium. In addition mufflers and catalytic converters(if applicable) are also titanium. The main differences between steel and titanium exhausts are weight, strength, and anti-corrosion properties. Titanium has much ligher, offers superior strength, and better corrosion resistance over regular stainless steel exhausts. The question we ask ourselves is “why other manufacturers still use steel to manufacture sport exhausts?” There are two main reasons. The first reason to not manufacture using titanium is cost. Steel is significantly cheaper than titanium. In addition the skill set and equipment used for working on titanium exhausts is not always available and to setup a workshop with titanium work gear simply costs more. The second reason is the degree of difficulty working with titanium. It is easier to manufacture aftermarket exhausts by using steel than titanium.

Titanium is more expensive, more difficult to process and work with than stainless. Even if manufacturers have enough capital to make high cost aftermarket exhausts, they cannot actually make it because of the difficulty. Only skilled manufacturers like Fujitsubo can make high quality exhaust systems by titanium. Thanks to titanium and Fujitsubo’s advanced technology, Super Ti exhaust is muchlighter than OEM exhausts. For example, the OE exhaust of Mitsubishi Evo 9 is around 15.9 kg and Fujitsubo Super Ti exhaust for Evo 9 is around 6.3kg which means 60% lighter than the OE exhaust. This weight difference improves overall performance of JDM cars. Reducing weight of a car model enables a driver to have more reliable braking and handling performance. Drivers also have better acceleration on their JDM vehicle.
Fujitsubo Super Ti also has other great features such as large diameter mandrel piping and high flow muffler. Thanks to those features, Super Ti offers an increase in vehicle horsepower while reducing overall weight.

Don’t forget the design of Super Ti. Its muffler has a compact round shape, and its exhaust tip has a large diameter. Those sophisticated design gives Super Ti great efficiency and looks just beautiful. All Fujitsubo JDM exhausts in intuneautos are directly shipped from Japan. It enable intuneautos to offer Fujitsubo high performance exhausts with competitive prices. Shop online at intuneautos now.

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