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New brake pads and rotors installed on my car, why do the brakes still squeal?

Have you recently had new brake pads and rotors installed, but are experiencing a squeal still while breaking? This is common problem which can be highly frustrating. But what is causing the brakes to squeal and how long does this noise last for after a replacement? Today we will explore this issue in greater detail. […]

Two Kinds Of Pad Wear Sensors Warn Drivers Of When To Change Brake Pads JDM

Pad wear sensors (or pad wear indicators) will alert people when their pads need to be replaced. There are two kinds of these pad wear sensors: 1 – Electric – A warning light on the vehicle’s instrument panel will turn on when the built-in electric wire on the pad is disconnected. This is the indicator […]

Can I replace my brake pads without replacing the brake rotors?

Do you need to replace your brake rotors every time you replace your brake pads? This is a popular question that many consider when having to replace brake pads. Your vehicles braking system is perhaps the most important part of your driving safety and so you should consider all aspect of replacing parts carefully.

How much does replacing brake pads cost?

Do your brake pads require changing but you are concerned about the costs involved? From a safety perspective, replacing your brake pads when they have worn down is vital. However ensuring you understand the process involved and costs from the beginning is important.

What is better – semi metallic or ceramic brake pads?

Are you considering replacing your car’s brake pads? Are you wondering what type of brake pad is more efficient or offers better value? When replacing your brake pads there are several factors to consider including the situations where one type of brake pad maybe better than the other and your budget.

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