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Air flow cleaner and meter – how they work

Basic information of engine parts (Air cleaner and air flow meter) Simply equipping good car parts will not always work well on your JDM car. A car is made from a number of parts and each automotive part influences each other. You should find out the best combinations of aftermarket high performance parts to improve […]

Car Air Filter baisc run down and information

When we play sports, we breathe harder than usual. This is a natural behavior as human beings, and we can tell the same thing with JDM vehicles. If your JDM vehicle can breathe larger amount of air, it can improve its performance. Equipping a better air filter is the best way to increase the amount […]

JDM car tuning – The beginnings

Tuning a car is popular among most of JDM car drivers. Even if you don’t think you do tuning, you may do without you noticing. Tuning is not only equipping high performance mufflers and brake systems, but also making small changes on your JDM cars like changing a back mirror. Drivers apply car-tuning to increase […]

EXEDY Clutches – Shop online

As EXEDY is an OEM supplier of clutches, there are millions models in replacement parts and also wide range of racing clutches fitting most of Japanese sports cars. In automotive aftermarket, EXEDY clutches are now sold in more than 80 countries across the world and have been known as the most reliable and high quality […]

Blitz air conditioner filter

Get clean air in your JDM car with Blitz filters It is well known that we need to clean and replace filters of air conditioners at our home. However, many of us do not replace filters of air conditioners in our JDM cars. Continuous using of dusty filters is not good for your Japanese cars. […]

EXEDY racing clutch – Quality Aftermarket Clutches

Worldwide, EXEDY racing clutches are one of the most popular racing clutch brands. All EXEDY racing clutch is design to fit high powered sports cars driving under extreme conditions demanded by racing sports. For racing clutches, EXEDY offer three main model lines, covering the whole gamut of driver requirements. 1. Single Sports Series Clutch – […]

APP Brake Line – Shop online

Equipping high performance brake lines makes your driving experience much better, giving you precise control over your brakes. APP is one of the leading manufacturers of brake lines. If you would like to get more reliable braking performance, we recommend APP high performance brake lines for your JDM car. One of the biggest differences between […]

Learn how to maintain your JDM muffler

Have you ever inspected your JDM muffler yourself? If you haven’t, we recommend you regular inspections or even take your car to a maintenance shop. Continuous rough treatment of your JDM muffler might cause lower performance or might even break your muffler without you noticing. So, how do inspect a muffler? You can only see […]

Shopping online for a new exhaust system?

Exhaust fumes generated by your cars engine are emitted from the engine is greatly high temperature and high pressure. Once exhaust gasses touches air, it rapidly expands and causes that familiar exhaust sound by vibrating air. To avoid this, exhaust systems gradually expand fumes, and fumes’ pressure and temperature get lower and reduce this sound. […]

Fujitsubo RM-01A sport exhausts – Shop online for your JDM cars.

As a leading company in the exhaust industry, Fujitsubo is always pursuing the best quality. Thanks to their numerous tests and years of experience in severe racing, Fujitsubo aftermarket exhaust systems are considered to be the best exhausts in the industry. At intuneautos we definitely recommend Fujitsubo sport exhausts for your JDM car. RM-01A – […]

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