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Popular iPhone game, Flappy Bird, removed from App store by developer

Some of you may have played Flappy Bird on your iPhone or Android smartphone.  If you have never heard Flappy Bird, this is the popular game for smartphones.  It was released by the developer, Dong Nguyen, and had been number one downloaded free app on App store.  The developer mentioned he would remove Flappy Bird […]

Honda to sell Google Android OS cars

Google has formed Open Automotive Alliance (OAA) with Honda, GM, Audi, Hyundai and Nvidia (chipmaker).  OAA’s vision is to bring Android OS smartphones and apps to their operating system and car dashboards.   As Google Android OS and smartphone are the most popular OS and device in the world, car manufacturers easily apply Google’s service […]

Nissan to bring BladeGlider to dealerships?

You may have seen a lot of concept car models at motor shows, but probably you have never seen this concept model, BladeGlider” of Nissan. “Reinventing the performance car” told Nissan.  Would you like to try this model if Nissan decides to release it to mass markets?  You can see more photos and details here.

The best and craziest cars of the Tokyo Auto Salon

Tokyo Auto Salon 2014 is being held in Tokyo, Japan.  Tokyo Auto Salon is the biggest exhibition of JDM tuning cars and aftermarket cars.  We would like to introduce some of the crazy cars in Tokyo Auto Salon here. Enjoy!!

Subaru to exhibit five customized Levorg at Tokyo Auto Salon 2014.

Subaru unveiled the concept car named Levorg at the Tokyo Motor Show last month.  Levorg is the next version of Subaru Legacy.  For those who don’t know Tokyo Auto Salon, it is the biggest exhibition of tuning and customized cars in Japan and is held in January every year.  Subaru will exhibit five customized Levorg […]

Toyota to return to Super Bowl 2014

Toyota is going to be back in Super Bowl 2014.  Reportedly, Toyota will advertise the redesigned Highlander mid-sized crossover.  If you live in US, you must be familiar with Super Bowl.  In case you are not familiar with Super Bowl, it is the biggest game of American football in a year and tons of american […]

People would like to buy a self-driving car from Google than GM

There is no doubt that self-driving cars will be trend in the near future.  Many car manufacturers like GM, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, etc have developed self-driving cars and they have already started road tests. According to a new study, consumers are more interested in buying a self-driving car from Google rather than GM and other […]

License plate readers being benched in Boston

Boston police have decided to shelve a numberplate scanning system that had the potential to can up to 4million(!) numberplates a year. Not sure if this was unique numberplates on cars or the total (so 2 million total – some twice, etc). Apparently the implementation was useless, leading to few arrests and fears of simply […]

Apple’s Siri Eyes Free on Honda and Acura car models

Many of you are familiar with Apple’s intelligent personal assistant, Siri.  Honda just announced that they would integrate Siri Eyes Free into Honda all new Accord, and Acura all new ILX and RDX as a dealer-installed accessory.  Siri Eyes Free allows users to interact with Siri hands-free systems in these cars without having to take […]

ULC diets in Sweeden

Dieting craze blamed for cholesterol surge in Sweden On top of that we have the problem of: 1) Total cholesterol will kill you 2) Total cholesterol will not kill you This is a very difficult thing to argue, or even discuss. The proponents of 1) are not interested in looking at 2) in any […]

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