SARD Racing History – A history of racing in Japan

Founded in 1972, SARD started racing in the Fuji GC series and in 1973 SARD entered the Le Man 24 hours with the Sigma MC73. Since the "70s SARD continues to be involved with racing at all levels. 1985 heralded the foundation of SARD – Sigma Advanced Racing Devlopment. SARD is involved in the All […]

SARD Radiators – JDM radiators for your Japanese Rides

In the racing world, there are not many absolutes. However, most of the racers do agree on some things. They do believe that too much weight is bad. Weight on the front end is one of the worse things that could happen and having the race car overheated can really pose some serious problems. SARDS […]

SARD Radiator Hoses – The best silicone hoses

A radiator hose is usually made of a rubber that takes the hot water from the engine to be cooled down to the radiator and back to the engine. High temperature and other detrimental chemicals can damage the hose and may cause leaks. Once the hose is damaged, it must be replaced or fixed to […]

SARD Radiators – Performance Racing Cooling

SARD made use of the most advanced technology when crafting the excellent line of car radiators. It can perfectly fit on sports car with high horsepower and even vehicles that are medium powered operating on high-ambient temperature.

SARD tuning for performance and street cars

A brief overview of SARDs approach to various tuning methods. With over 30 years of experience behind them, SARD are well positioned in the market with a wide range of JDM options.

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