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Shopping online for gauges for your JDM car? Buy DEFI gauges online for your JDM car at InTuneAutos. We carry a wide range of DEFI safety gauges you can buy such as tachometers, water temperature, volt gauges, turbo boost gauges, oil pressure, and exhaust temperature gauge for your JDM car. Buy DEFi gauges online at InTuneAutos and get accurate data for the best driving experience.

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DEFI is one of the top brands from Japan for all your gauge needs. They are made from the highest manufacturing standards and tested under stringent conditions, so when you buy DEFI gauges online at InTuneAutos, you know you are getting the best for top performance and safe driving. Safety is always important, and you DEFInitely should buy DEFI gauges online for all your JDM car needs available at InTuneAutos!

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InTuneAutos ships to Canada. Order and shop online and we will deliver your DEFI gauges to Toronto, Victoria, or Edmonton. Our DEFI gauges come direct from certified DEFI manufacturers, so you DEFInitely buy and get genuine DEFI gauges, car parts, and accessories offered at the most competitive prices. Buy now and save!

, Prices are in Japanese YEN.

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Defi is a brand name for aftermarkets. It is being used by Nippon Seiki which manufactures and supply gauges and displays for the vehicles in the present world. Nippon Seiki is a world popular company which produces a wide range of supply instruments for sports vehicles. They have maintained an excellent reputation by offering high quality instruments for the people over the past 60 years. Therefore a large percentage of Formula 1 drivers and professional motorcycle racers put their trust and confidence on the accuracy of Defi products. Nippon Seiki is in the process of seeking innovative ways to produce high quality technological products and release them to the market under the brand name Defi.

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Defi Gauges help a lot for the professional drivers to make their life easy. The interesting and unique features available in them play an important role behind the popularity. Defi gauges can be categorized into three different types and 52mm gauges, 60mm gauges and 80mm gauges. They provide a smooth operation for the convenience of riders. The ignition on initiates’ self-luminescence gauges. High brightness LEDs are being used to provide illumination to the dial. These LEDs make it visible in all the conditions. Lightning like opening and closing mode of the Defi gauges make it easy for the operator to use it.

Defi gauges are equipped with a self-diagnostic functions which will monitor both sensor disconnection and short circuiting during the startup. The sensor disconnection check allows you to detect broken or disconnected sensors and sensor wires in a convenient way. The pointer will wave in between 250 and 260 degrees to indicate this. If the pointer waves between 10 to 20 degrees, it will indicate the short circuits on the sensor or sensor wire. The 270 degree sweep dial has the potential to provide a great visibility for the consumers. Defi gauges come with a mounting bracket and an instrumental case. The red triangle of the regular position bezel can be used as a warning indicator as well. You don’t need to purchase a Defi link control unit to use the Defi gauges.

The advanced Defi gauges do not require the main sending unit like in average Defi gauges. They have the ability to hook up on their own. The drivers can simply place them in a convenient place. Three illumination colors as white, red and blue can be found in these gauges. The Defi gauges lineup contains turbo boost, pressure, temperature, exhaust temperature and voltage. You can also find a tachometer in the 80mm Defi gauge. With all these features, it can be defined as a must have instrument that all the drivers should possess in order to have a hassle free ride.

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