GReddy titanium exhausts? Get rid of that annoying buzzing drone of killer bees with a brand new GReddy titanium exhaust system. Full quality titanium workmanship from end to end, perfect welds, joints and muffler.

Bolt on a GReddy titanium exhaust to your downpipe and give your JDM car more performance and a better sound!

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Titanium Exhausts by GReddy

Exhausts from GReddy have the street cred they need. A mix of quality and performance

GReddy car parts are popular among JDM modders due to high quality craftsmanship, excellent performance combined with eye catching appearance.

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GReddy Titanium Exhausts


GReddy has a wide range of jdm car parts, suitable for all manner of automotive applications, at intuneautos we have a large selection of the most popular products.

When looking at the full lineup of GReddy parts, there is little doubt that performance exhausts are the most popular automotive product. GReddy cut its teeth manufacturing their original exhausts in 1977, JDM racing teams have won championships running GReddy exhausts. They have tons of experiences in both racing and street fields and Greddy products give drivers great performance, reliability and peace of mind in a high performance environment. If you are looking for good JDM aftermarket exhausts, GReddy sports exhaust is definitely the right one for you. You can shop GReddy exhausts online at intuneautos – we ship exhausts directly from Japan at prices ranging from budget to expensive..

GReddy Racing titanium exhausts, light and strong with the performance you desire

Many drivers might think stainless steel exhausts are popular due to the trade off of weight to length of life. It is true, however titanium exhausts has been getting popular, too. Titanium exhausts are much lighter than stainless steel systems, offer excellent sound and if properly cared for can have as long, if not longer lives. Titanium is a delicate material that is challenging to work with and it is very difficult to produce exhausts with. Manufacturing using titanium requires very high skill and requires many years of experience – which GReddy has! As a pioneer of high performance exhausts in Japanese automotive industries, GReddy produces high quality aftermarket titanium exhausts. GReddy’s titanium exhausts look beautiful, giving you quality looking exhaust without gaudyness. You may think that a lighter body means a weaker body, but due to titaniums unique qualities nothing could be further from the truth. Titanium is perfect for car exhausts – is lighter and stronger than stainless steel, and as corrosion resistant. In high performance motor sports, every racing team strives to engineer their racing cars lighter for faster laps – but they want to keep their cars strong at the same time. It seems incompatible. Many manufacturers have failed, but GReddy succeeded. Drivers can enjoy reliable and stable driving performance especially during braking and cornering with GReddy high performance exhausts.

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