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Koyorad, which was known as Koyo is a world class Japanese manufacturer of high quality radiators. Their North American headquarters is located in California and they also operate from the East coast warehouse located in New Jersey. Koyorad produces a wide range of products apart from radiators. Intercoolers, condensers and a variety of other cooling related products are some of them.

Koyorad radiators are specifically designed to meet the original equipment specifications. It can be considered as the main factor behind the popularity of Koyorad radiators. Koyorad has maintained an excellent customer reputation over the past few years as the leader in aftermarket radiators. Since Koyorad radiators are designed in Japan, they are ideal for Japanese vehicles like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda and Subaru. Koyorad also produce radiators that are compatible for non-Japanese vehicles. Their radiator collection has products for more than 300 models.

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Radiators manufactured by Koyorad can be divided into several categories. The radiators with a copper or brass core can be considered as the most popular radiator type out of them. They have copper or brass cores with plastic or brass tanks. Koyorad also offer aluminum core and plastic tank radiators while continuing to meet the highest standards of quality. These radiators have the potential to provide superior performance to the vehicles on the road. The aluminum core radiators are popular among racing cars because of their quality and durability.

All the Koyorad radiator cores and tanks are specifically designed and built for each application. They do not use universal fit parts under any circumstances. The unique designs will ensure proper fit and vehicle owners can purchase Koyorad radiators with a hassle free mind. They will fit to your vehicle just like your original equipment. You don’t need to take the trouble of drilling, cutting or relocating like traditional radiators. You can even use them for today’s most popular import performance cars.

You will get the opportunity to use Koyorad radiators for a long period of time without any issues because they are manufactured from high quality material. Experts recommend using high quality antifreeze coolants to ensure its durability. Antifreeze coolants can provide anti-corrosion properties for the metals inside your radiator. They can even provide proper lubrication for the engine water pump. When you install a new Koyorad radiator in your vehicle, you need to provide a complete system flush and fill it with a new coolant. It will create a perfect environment for the new radiator to work with maximum efficiency. You can purchase Koyorad radiators at an affordable price and you will not have to bear any additional costs because it will fit perfectly to your vehicle. Therefore all the vehicle owners can purchase Koyorad radiators without thinking twice.

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