Flaming Teslas are as fast as JDM cars?


You’ve seen the Tesla on fire video on youtube seen hereright? If not check it out, not our usual JDM fare but interesting none the less.

Of course the internet is getting its knickers in a knot over the apparent dangers of electric cars. Who would have thought, immolation was the outcome rather than.. electrocution. I jest.

Apparently, statistically wise, cars bursting into flame in the US is fairly common (..), to the tune of one car every ninety seven seconds or so. Taking these statistics further the danger posed by a regular gas guzzler is going to be greater threat than a battery powered vehicle right? There have been posts from readers talking about “full gas tank”. From explosive 101 we need to be more concerned by the fuel to air mix, which would be much more dangerous in a car with almost empty fuel tank.

But I digress. This is a JDM blog and we are more concerned about performance and modding.

Another interesting question. What do humvees used by the US military and teslas have in common? Apparently both have heavy armor plating underneath – the Tesla needs over a 20ton force to penetrate its plating and rupture the batteries hidden behind.

jdm tesla on fire!

Tesla are looking to quench any consumer fears with a press release. Available here

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