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SARD Radiators – Performance Racing Cooling


In the racing world, there are not many absolutes. However, most of the racers do agree on some things. They do believe that too much weight is bad. Weight on the front end is one of the worse things that could happen and having the race car overheated can really pose some serious problems. SARDS radiator can address these problems in one fell swoop. The main purpose of the radiator is to eject heat on the car racer cooling system. In simple terms, it is the most basic heat-exchanger of the car. SARD has been in the market for a long time and they have used their race experience and data in developing high performance and top quality car racing parts

Whether you are just a starting car racer or a devoted one who is in need of high performance, lightweight racing radiator, SARD radiator is just perfect for you. Many racers do understand the importance of radiator made from top quality aluminum installed on their cars. They know exactly the important role that this component plays on the entire vehicle engine.

..devoted one who is in need of high performance, lightweight racing radiator, SARD radiator is just perfect for you

Racing and sports radiators from SARD are engineered to showcase massive improvement when it comes to coolant flow. SARD radiators are specifically designed to efficiently reduce heat from the most vital areas and are made from brazed aluminum so that it can perform at the highest level and offer a lifetime of effective and efficient cooling. Radiator fins are incorporated on well-spaced cooling channels and are designed to provide best air flow in the radiator. SARD racing radiators were considered excellent when it comes to cooling properties in Japanese motor sports.

Motor sport enthusiasts engaged on a higher level of racing understand the benefits of the SARDS aluminum radiator. For those who think that this kind of radiator is a deterrent, it is high time to have this kind of thinking turned around and acknowledge the many reasons why this is one good bet. Radiators from SARDS are lighter compared to any kind of custom-brass job or junkyard radiator. This weight is taken off directly from front tires since the radiator is placed nearly on the engine front of race cars. In addition they are also equipped with large sized core made from brass alloy with excellent heat displacement properties, helping to keep water temperature at its optimal range. The package will also come with a top quality and high pressured radiator cap. In addition to this, the radiators are polished into mirror finish.

Racing enthusiasts choose SARDS radiators so that their cars will perform better and improve its reliability and toughness. For some, car racing is all about performance of their cars, while others consider reliability to be the key. SARDS radiator addresses both the aspects of reliability and performance. Having a good radiator does not always mean paying more. This is another reason why radiator from SARDS has become popular in the market. Price to performance on much of the SARDS range is excellent. At the lowest price, you will not run the risk of destroying the car engine by overheating with this sports radiator.

  • The SARD Radiator features excellent cooling benefits such as:
  • Makes use of brass large-sized core
  • Made from top quality aluminum components.
  • Good pitch of radiator fin
  • Well-spaced cooling channels
  • Cooling channels were calculated in order to provide the best air flow
  • Large-sized core helps in keeping water temperatures in its optimal range.
  • Comes with SARD radiator Cap.

Pros with SARDS

  • Lightweight
  • Top quality aluminum component which offers great cooling benefits
  • Well-spaced cooling channels for best air flow
  • Tube pitch and fins were refined in order to bring cost-effective and coolest sports radiator
  • Core development which efficiently regulates temperature of water to avoid overheating

SARD made use of the most advanced technology when crafting the excellent line of car radiators. It can perfectly fit on sports car with high horsepower and even vehicles that are medium powered operating on high-ambient temperature. A mirror polished radiator offers an effective mechanism for efficient cooling of engine which is one major factor in car racing. The aluminum construction coupled with an alloy brass core of this high performance radiator makes SARDS a top choice for your vehicle. All these great features at the most affordable price. Product performance is also guaranteed against defects by the manufacturer who has been in the industry for the longest time.

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