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Spark plugs play an important role behind the internal combustion of an engine. A wide range of spark plug manufacturers are there in the present world and NGK can be considered as the leader out of them. NGK is recognized as the world leader in spark plug manufacturing because of their quality products. NGK produce spark plugs for almost all the vehicles including motorcycles, marine and small engine applications.

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NGK produced the first spark plug in 1936. Since that, they have maintained an excellent reputation by producing high quality spark plugs for the people in every corner of the world. NGK work closely with manufacturers in developing products tailored specially to the needs of customers. It can be considered as the main reason behind the success of NGK products. A large percentage of auto manufacturers in the present world recommend NGK spark plugs because of this reason. In 1966, NGK spark plugs established their subsidiary company in Japan in order to expand their services. Currently, they have expansion companies in every part of the world to cater the high demand from the market.

NGK spark plugs are available in different forms. The Iridium IX sparkplug can be considered as one of the most popular spark plug type out of them. It is a perfect example for a modern iridium spark plug. The small diameter iridium electrode of this NGK spark plug has the potential to offer a powerful and a controlled spark. Therefore it has the ability to eliminate surging and other ignition related engine problems. Like all the spark plugs in the NGK series, Iridium IX has a low maintenance design. You can simply install the spark plug in your vehicle and forget it. They can last for a long period of time and you will not have to face any issues on the road.

What about NGK Iridium Sparkplugs?

NGK spark plugs will enhance the overall efficiency of your vehicle engine. You can even find NGK spark plugs which are specifically designed for the high performance engines. Using NGK spark plugs can be considered as a perfect solution available to increase fuel efficiency while lowering the emissions. The main objective of a spark plug is to ignite the air or fuel mixture within the combustion chamber under any operating condition. They must provide a path and a location for electrical energy from the ignition coil to create a spark used to ignite the air-fuel mixture. NGK spark plugs are in a position to complete this job in a perfect way. NGK is dedicated in providing finest products to the customers. The customer reviews available about NGK spark plugs bear testimonials for the above mentioned fact. Therefore any vehicle owner can purchase NGK spark plugs without thinking twice.

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