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If you want a very efficient vehicle performance, you have to use Iridium spark plugs. These provide better resistance against wear, and they enhance the performance of the ignition system. This is the kind of spark plug that is durable and resistant to any metal corrosion. Iridium spark plugs are made with electrodes that have iridium. This iridium makes the tip of the plug smaller that’s why they require less energy in creating a powerful spark. The tip is harder that it can withstand a higher level of melting point.

Iridium spark plugs, which were already in use since 1960’s was so expensive at that time. However the continuous innovation in manufacturing spark plugs using iridium, this has been made affordable today. Igniting the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber is the work of the spark plug. It supplies a current to the plug using the ignition system. It has an ignition coil that supplies high current to the spark plug. As the current gets to the tip, it sparks that’s why it ignites the air-mixture to be burned. The usual material that is used in manufacturing spark plug is nickel iron or chromium. However, the iridium is the best metal that is suited for making spark plugs. It can withstand a temperature beyond 2454 degrees Celsius. This can only be welded by DENSO.

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Iridium quality spark plugs enhance the firing performance of the engine and at the same time it only requires a minimum voltage for it to work which is suitable for high quality engines. It has high ignitability that it can still power the plug even if the engine is idling. It is a performance booster where it also improves the acceleration of the car. The combustion is also improved because it does not fire accidentally and consumes lesser fuel. Iridium spark plug provides a superior performance in terms of igniting the automobiles engine into life.

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